XP Star, short for experience points, is a resource used to determine the player's level (neither of these should be confused with the stars characters earn by playing minigames). It is earned by building and collecting from shops, building houses and decor,[n 1] welcoming characters, completing quests, removing obstacles and clearing expansion zones, and winning it in the Balloon Pop minigame.

Level 2 rewards

Rewards screen for level 2, showing Princess Celestia awarding 100 Bit and 1 Gem to the player, and showing Mrs. Cup Cake, Cheerilee, and Zecora being unlocked.

Earning enough XP for the next level automatically causes the player to level up, whereupon Princess Celestia awards the player bits Bit and at least one[n 2] gem Gem; sharing the message additionally rewards one heart Heart. In addition, most levels up to 52 unlock new characters, shops, or decor.

Upon reaching level 160, XP earned after reaching the maximum level is not kept.


  1. Decor items won in the Balloon Pop minigame do not award XP when built.
  2. Two gems are awarded at levels 3, 9, 31, 50, 54, 62, 73, 75, 78, and 81; three gems are awarded for reaching levels 70, 85, 88, and 92; four gems are awarded at level 94; five gems are awarded at level 90; and seven gems are awarded at level 95.
Bits Bit
Gems Gem
Hearts Heart
Event Currency
Sapphires Sapphire
PartyKeyz PartyKeyz
PartyTicketz PartyTicketz
PartyChickenz PartyChickenz
Wedding Gifts Wedding Gift
Black Iris
Joke Plant
Purple Mushroom
Red Orchid
Sticky Sap
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