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The My Little Pony Gameloft Wiki

General Wiki Rules

  • All edits must reflect My Little Pony: Magic Princess Game. (Except user's profile page). Reference to the show is permitted however it's not necessary to post a page worth of information. That can be done in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki.
  • Edits made on the wiki must be true, accurate and reflects the current state of the game. (No Fanfic, OCs, Opinions etc.) Any edits that contain misleading information can result in a warning.
  • Please note that this is a fan made site and is not affiliated with Gameloft, Hasbro or any other third party. We cannot resolve accounts issues, contents, bugs etc. Please contact Gameloft directly for support.
  • Profile page and comments must not contain any swears, profanity or contents that are in violation of FANDOM terms of use.
  • Vandalism, pretending to be another user, posting illegal or inappropriate content and personal information is not allowed and may result in an instant block.
  • Before adding a new page, check if there's already a page made for that particular topic.
  • Stub template can only be used on pages that are lacked in information or nearly blank. Delete template should only be used on pages that are required to be deleted (E.g. duplicate pages) and not on pages that are outdated (those pages are added to the archive category).

Comment Rules

  • Friend codes' comment can only be posted once on the Friends page, Gift code and Discussion Forum. Replies to other comments is allowed. Friend codes posted on all other pages will be deleted. Creating a new page for a friend code however is not permitted.
  • Be respectful to one another. Be careful of what you post in comments that could hurt other user's feelings.
  • Do not post personal information or any information that could potentially identify another user including, real life names, addresses, age, date of birth etc.
  • Do not spam duplicates comments on wiki and user page.
  • Advertising and posting links in comments is not allowed.
  • Bullying, threaten and intimidating other users is prohibited and will result in a ban.
  • Swearing, profanity or using inappropriate language is not allowed.
  • Posting comments, including links about selling accounts, exploits, cheats, hacks is not allowed.

Other Rules

  • Use common sense, don't do things that you wouldn't do in public.
  • Being unaware of the rules is not an acceptable excuse depending on the nature of the incident. (E.g. Posting a friend code on the shop page will result in a warning. But intentionally deleting page templates will result in a ban regardless if the user is aware of the rules or not).