Two subspecies of vampire fruit bats

Vampire Fruit Bats are winged creatures featured in the episode "Bats!". They appear as 2x2/2x3 obstacles in Sweet Apple Acres, similar to Parasprites in Ponyville and Changelings in Canterlot.


They can be found in uncovering expansion zones.

They can be spawned in 3x3 free spaces as long as the center square is a buildable square.


They can be cleared by tapping three times with a specific Element Shard.


Clearing Fruit Bats rewards you Bits either individual or at the end. They also have a small chance to reward a Gem.


Fruit Bat

Fruit Bats

There are six types of Fruit Bats, matching each of the Elements of Harmony. They can be distinguished by the colors of their hide.

Color Image Element
Light Blue 200px Laughter Laughter Shard
Magenta 200px Magic Magic Shard
Pink 200px Kindness Kindness Shard
Purple 200px Generosity Generosity Shard
Red 200px Loyalty Loyalty Shard
Yellow 200px Honesty Honesty Shard
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