Update 5.0

Released on Thursday, January 24, 2019(IOS/Android).

Update 40 is warming hearths and hearts alike, so be sure to download these limited-time tales of friendship and love, straight from the latest season of the show and comics!

What's New

  • THE HEARTH’S WARMING CLUB: A botched prank ruined Hearth’s Warming Eve for everycreature! Help Twilight Sparkle catch the culprit, as the six suspects share their pasts in this limited-time story event.
  • A VALENTINE’S FLASHBACK: Go back to when Shining Armor and Princess Cadance first met in Canterlot Academy, and help this destined pair find love in a wonderful limited-time story event.
  • NEW HAPPY HOMES: Bring a retro touch to your town with Cadance’s Home and Canterlot Academy, or go big with the ominous Dragon Lord’s Cave.
  • EVEN MORE DÉCOR: The Academy Queen & King’s Crowns and Dragon Lord’s Throne will add an absolutely regal feel anywhere! Try them, plus several other decorations.

Don’t forget to download the update to feel the love & join the fun!

  • 14 New Characters & 2 New Shops

New Content


Ponyville Crystal Empire




  • Dragon Lord’s Throne
  • Academy Queen & King’s Crowns
  • Changeling Hearth's Warming Tree
  • Bloodstone Scepter
  • Changeling Gifts
  • Changeling Bonfire
  • Snilldar Fest Moss Pile
  • Changeling Lantern

Quick Update 1

Released on February 7, 2019 for everyone whe you opened the game. It added 10 new Characters and 2 new Shops

New Content




Canterlot Other
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