Update 4.4

Update 4.4, was released on Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

A new chapter is taking flight in the latest update to My Little Pony! Embark on a heated adventure with your favorite dragon, Spike, based on the show's new episode, "Molt Down." And collect a hoard of fresh content to help your Ponyville take off!


ITCHING FOR ADVENTURE Spike's come down with a strange and scaly condition, and he needs everypony's help to cure it! But is this a sickness, or the start of something new for our dragon friend? Find out in this exciting (and limited-time) story quest!

FIERY NEW FRIENDS Meet Smolder, Mina, and a whole den of dragons ready to roost in your Ponyville!

NEW DECORATIONS Discover a treasure trove of new buildings and decorations, including the Dragonscale Armor Stand, Spike’s Coverup Costume, and the Dragon Lord's Crown!


  • Available prizes shown in group quest rewards instead of all prizes.
  • Every appearance of Spike in any objective's screen will henceforth show him having wings.

New Characters



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