Update 4.3 was released April 30th 2018.

Quests just got a whole lot BIGGER! Now you can send not one, but a whole team of your best & brightest ponies on an adventure with Group Quests. And to kick things off, you’ll set off for six new missions of friendship! Plus, there’s lots of new pony friends to meet and buildings to add to your Ponyville!

What's New (Official announcement)

GROUP QUESTS: Pick a pack of ponies to set off on an epic journey for possibly huge rewards. You’ll even help them along the way by making tough decisions to solve unexpected situations!

NEW PONIES: Meet Abyssinian King & Abyssinian Queen, Queen Cleopatrot, Canterlot Night Guard and more!

MORE HOUSES: Your ponies will feel right at home with the Royal Legion’s Barracks, Ritzy Boutique, Buckball Field and other awesome abodes.

FRESH DÉCOR: Deck out your town with the latest in decorations, like Dr. Hooves’ Timebox, Ambassadors' Airship, Cloudsdalian Tapestry, Daybreaker’s Throne and much more!

Download the update now to join this amazing new adventure!


  • More expansion zones added for Sweet Apple Acres.
  • When clearing removable objects, skip option appear straight after spending.
  • New loading screen with random texts appearing above the bar.
  • Pay Gems to get Special Bundle.
  • Collect Crystal Coins for Magical Balloon Pop.
  • New layout for permanent quests.
  • Most Removable objects now have a reduced time under 1 hour while some has an increased time.
  • Motion blur can be seen when swiping through the inventory while in edit mode.
  • Princess Luna model enchanced similar to Princess Celestia.
  • 30 seconds skip returned despite implemented in update 3.5 before removed in update 3.6.

New Characters

Ponyville Sweet Apple Acres Canterlot

Crystal Empire


New Shops

Ponyville Sweet Apple Acres Canterlot

New Décor

Quick Update

The Quick Update was done on the loading screen when you entered the game on May 19, 2018. It added a number of new characters.

New Characters

Ponyville Canterlot Crystal Empire

New Shops



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