Update 4.0

Released 5th October 2017.


  • NEW TOWN AHOY! Explore rustic Klugetown, home to aquatic creatures, feline friends, and many more unique characters, as you restore its districts to full glory.
  • A SWASHBUCKLING NEW STORY: Join the Mane Six on an exciting limited-time journey through foreign lands to recruit Capper the cat and the Pirate Parrots to help sail your way to victory!
  • EXOTIC NEW CHARACTERS: In addition to more great ponies, you’ll meet Capper the charismatic cat, the mighty Storm King, Hippogriff Princess Skystar and the many unique Klugetown citizens!
  • MORE BUILDINGS: Build up your Klugetown with great locations from the movie and more, including Resistance HQ, Smugglers' Den, Dusty Mill, Klugetown Bazaar and Adventurer's Emporium. Oh, we didn’t forget about your Ponyville either, so check out Trixie's Stage to make that place even more magical!
  • FRESH DECORATIONS: Give your Klugetown that seafaring feel with the Pirates' Skiff, Pirate Flag, Abyssinian Figurine, Palm Grove, Market Tents, Lighthouse and Pirates' Chest.

Other changes

  • Current Map change to official My Little Pony 2017 movie map and you can select town on the menu below.
  • Equestria Girls mini-game bonus has changed. All boost is now 10, 20 and 100% instead of 2,4 and 8 and the highest cost is 15 Gem for 100%, 5 Gem for 20% and 2000 Bit for 10%.
  • Mane 6 pony task that requires another pony in another place can now travel along.
  • You can straight away assign characters to do special tasks without having to worry about them being "unassigned". Eg, Twilight can visit Forsythia while both of them still work at Joke Shop.
  • Clear Sky Balloon pop has been replaced by Klugetown Balloon pop.
  • Crystal Mine Game prices has been increased including upgrades but multiplier has been increased from 4 to 10x but price has increased to the Window version of 5 Gem and 12,000 Bit for 2x. Amount of Wheels have been decreased from 5 to 3.
  • Starlight Glimmer now also appear in Ponyville and lives in the same location as the cutie mark crusaders.
  • In Crystal Mine Game, you can now get any element shards regardless of distance.
  • iOS game crash fix.
  • Special Clear the Skies event returns along with it's energy system.

New Characters

Ponyville Sweet Apple Acres Klugetown

New Shops

Ponyville Klugetown

New Decor

  • Klugetown
    • Lighthouse
    • Palm Grove
    • Pirate's Chest
    • Market Tents
    • Round Cactus
    • Tall Cactus
    • Pirate Flag
    • Palm Tree

Halloween Quick Update

Update 4.0 Quick Update

Released: October 27, 2017

New Characters

Ponyville Canterlot Klugetown
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