Update 3.8

Released 8th September 2017.


  • NEW LIMITED-TIME STORY: Why did Tempest Shadow suddenly appear in Ponyville? What are her true intentions? Only you and The Cutie Mark Crusaders can find out and defeat Ursa Minor in “Story of a Storm.”
  • 22 AWESOME NEW CHARACTERS: Welcome Tempest Shadow and her childhood friends, plus many more adorable ponies including some cool yaks from the latest season of the TV show!
  • 11 NEW BUILDINGS: Dig a Spooky Cave and brew up a Potion Workshop for this limited-time story event! You can also build a colossal Coliseum, a cute Shroom Shop, a terrific Terrarium and more!
  • 8 NEW DECORATIONS: Make your town even more magical with the Shady Bushes, Yak Guardians, Yak Fire Pit, Rainbow Falls and other awesome additions!

Other changes

  • The Cutie-mark Crusaders can be seen in all location except Everfree Forest.

New characters

New Shops

New Decor

Update 3.9

  • Other Changes
    • Augmented reality studio, added on 21st Sept but requires iOS 11 update and A9 chip device in order to work.
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