Update 3.5

Released: May 11, 2017 (IOS) / May 12, 2017 (Android)

Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings are back, and not even the Mane Six can stop them! In this most desperate situation, the most unlikely team of ex-villains team up...

Join Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Discord & Thorax the reformed Changeling to save your Equestria!

    • NEW STORYLINE: Enjoy the Sunset Festival and stop Queen Chrysalis's invasion in a thrilling adventure based on the Season 6 finale, "To Where and Back Again".
    • NEW MAP: Explore the dangerous Changeling Kingdom, a new location where magic doesn't work. You'll have be extra resourceful and smart to rescue your friends and defeat Queen Chrysalis!
    • 27 NEW CHARACTERS: Help the Changelings morph into their beautiful new form so you can welcome them to your town, along with Thorax, an adorable Griffon and more!
    • NEW BUILDINGS & DÉCOR: Beautify your Sunset Festival with flags, banners and more. There are also 2 cute new shops, including Discord's Pumpkin and Trixie's Wagon.

  • Other Changes
    • The entire game received a visual overhaul. Many elements on the main screen were relocated and/or removed, while many individual features had a new interface. Update 3.6 finishes the overhaul with a new look for the Balloon Pop mini-game.
    • All pony and decoration prizes in all Balloon Pop games now award an extra 50 Star.
    • Upon arriving, a pony can now play the Ball Bounce mini-game immediately.
    • The last 30 seconds of a timer can now be skipped for free.
    • New Collections for ponies that previously appeared in the Golden Horseshoe Hotel.
    • All locations, except for the Everfree Forest, can now be zoomed out further and zoomed in closer.
    • Dirt paths are now free and no longer give experience. They're now accessible through a button in the upper left corner of the editing menu.

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