Update 3.4

  • Released: March 9, 2017 (IOS)/March 10, 2017 (Android).
  • What's New
    • Hungry for adventure? Daring Do is rushing to your Equestria with a new Mega Event based on the exciting"Stranger than Fan Fiction"episode from the show.Uncover ancient mysteries sand become a true treasure hunter.
    • NEW CHARACTERS: Explore new friendships with Quibble Pants, Muffins, and  other fans from the convention.You may even have a run in with the nefarious Dr.Caballeron and his goons!
    • NEW BUILDING: Build your own Temple of Chicomoztoc and Caballeron's Camp.
    • NEW DÉCOR: Add cool decorations,including the awesome Sapphire Stand and the frightening Cipactli to plunge yourself into the adventure!
    • But hurry! Wait too long and all this cool stuff will become just a work of fiction...

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