Update 3.3
  • Released: February 8, 2017 (iOS/Android).
  • What's New
    • New Limited-Time Mega Events in Equestria!
    • WEDDING BELLS ARE RINGING!: Meet Cranky Doodle, his beloved bride Matilda, and new pony friends! Steven Magnet's Hair Salon, the DJ Booth & the Wedding Cake will help you prepare the perfect wedding for this most magical day!
    • NEW CHARACTERS: Introducing the Donkeys. Create the perfect Equestrian wedding with the amazing citizens of Equestria.
    • NEW BUILDINGS: Doctor Hooves' Lab, Symphony Hall and the incredible Steven Magnet's Hair Salon will add the kind of charm that only a wedding can bring!
    • NEW DÉCOR: The beautiful Wedding Cake and DJ Booth are sure to entertain your guests... If the Bugbear Statue doesn't scare them off first!
    • Tap the mysterious new structure to begin your newest adventure in Equestria!

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