Update 3.1

  • Released: September 28, 2016 (IOS/Android).
  • The Crystal Empire's sparkle-riffic light is shining all across Equestria! Ride the Friendship Express to this icy new city and collect Snow Globes to go on breathtaking adventures!

    • NEW LOCATION: Bask in the glory of the Crystal Castle and build many magnificent new buildings & décor.
    • CRYSTAL PONIES: Welcome adorable, sparkling friends to your kingdom.
    • CRYSTAL FAIR QUEST: King Sombra is looming outside the Crystal Empire. Renew the spirit of love and unity, and protect the Empire!

  • Other Changes
    • You can now scroll up the map(Train Station)
    • New Collections
    • Materials can no longer be won in Equestria Balloon Pop
    • Level raised to 140
    • King Sombra is no longer in Tricksters collection
    • You get a loading screen when leaving the Balloon Pop
    • Shops can produce Snowglobes
    • Horticultural Pegasus can now be obtained at VIP Level 1(Was at VIP Level 2)

Update 3.1 Quick Update(Nightmare Night)

(Downloads when you start the game, so no update from the store)
Update 3.1 Quick Update (Nightmare Night)
Released: October 24, 2016 (IOS/Android).

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