Update 2.9

  • Released June 9, 2016 (IOS) / June 17, 2016 (Android)l
  • The extraordinary Fashion Show Event has come to My Little Pony! Join the fun and dress up the Mane Six ponies for amazing rewards!
  • What's New

  • Event
    • You now need to press participate before you can have any progress saved on an event (Social/Special/Solo).
    • Amount of players per server for Social/Special has been increased.

  • Balloon Pop
    • Got a design Overhaul.
    • The Free Balloon Pop is back to having a 24hr cooldown.
    • A new Bit Pop has been added and can be played once every 3hrs.
    • A new time limited balloon pop can pop up at any time.

  • Other
    • Expansion Zones are now lighter and blends in with the surrounding.
    • Equestria Girls mini-game song timers were cut down to a shorter cool down.
    • Level Cap has been raised to 130.
    • Fashion Show has been added to the Collection Book.
    • The Train Map has been zoomed in.
    • Ponyville icon on the Train Station has changed from the Town Hall to. Twilight's Castle (there may be a glitch for some that the Town Hall is still the icon).

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