Update 2.8

  • Released April 13, 2016 (IOS)/ April 14, 2016(Android)[1]
  • Time to party, everypony! Team up with friends to make the biggest bash Ponyville's ever seen in new limited-time co-op events!

-What's New-

  • PONY PARTIES: Get together with other players and prepare to raise the hoof!
  • RAVE REQUESTS: Help the ponies have a blast by completing party quests.
  • CELEBRATION DECORATIONS: Adorn your Ponyville in festive style with 5 new shops and over 40 new decorations!
  • BLOWOUT REWARDS: Win shops, resources and decorations.
  • SPREAD THE FUN: You're gonna need more space to fit all this content -- enjoy new land expansions added to your Ponyville!

New Characters



  • Speed of Mine Cart game seems to have increased, leading to players easily crashing into double barrels at end of dips.
  • If the video button for clothing materials does not appear, switching to a different pony might make it appear. Some players have reported the removal of the video button in Rarity's Boutique, whilst others still see it. Could be by region/join date.

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