Update 2.7

  • Released February 17, 2016 (iOS), March 1, 2016 (Android).[1]
  • Level Cap increased to Level 120
  • VIP SYSTEM: Unlock bigger and bigger rewards for reaching higher VIP status levels!
    • VIP points currently require real money
    • Store added new special VIP tab
  • REFER A FRIEND: Bring your friends to Equestria to earn awesome rewards!
  • NEW CONTENT: Meet more new ponies in town and check out amazing new shops and decorations.
  • DAILY REWARDS EXTENDED: Will you be able to get Jigging Clownspony as a reward?
  • Griffons Are on Their Way! Did you know that Gilda the Griffon, an old friend of Rainbow Dash, can fly and stand on clouds? Gilda and her friends were so impressed by the beauty of Equestria that they decided to take a detour on the way to Ponyville! They will join the party really soon!



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