Update 1.1

Hearth's Warming Eve 1.1 loading screen

Loading screen for the Hearth's Warming Eve update.

Hearth's Warming Eve 1.1 gem sale promo

Gem sale promo screen for the Hearth's Warming Eve update, featuring Rainbow Dash without any wings.

  • Released on December 20, 2012/January 4, 2013 (Android).[1]
Patch notes
  • Meet New Ponies: Make friends with Pipsqueak, Teacher's Pet, and Bowling Pony.
  • New Buildings: Get Cozy in the Log Cabin, and treat yourself at the Ice Cream Shop!
  • New Decorations: Add a merry touch to Ponyville with five seasonal items
  • Snow everywhere: See your buildings and all of Ponyville covered in white. After all, what’s winter without snow?
  • Holiday Quests: Enjoy 10 special holiday missions full of joyful adventures!
  • Bug fixes and system optimizations.
  • You always get a Gem for leveling up you town.
Christmas-themed expansion - winter theme applied to Ponyville with snow on the ground, buildings, and objects
New ponies
New houses
New shops
New decor
  • Small Christmas Tree (4,000 Bit)
  • Wreath (1,200 Bit)
  • Candy Cane (500 Bit)
  • Snowpony (800 Bit)
  • Globe (6,400 Bit)
  • Presents (2 Gem)
  • Phonograph (30 Gem)
  • Snowflake Sculpture (12,000 Bit)
  • Large Christmas Tree (40 Gem)
  • Telescope (32,000 Bit)
New quests
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