Tokens first appeared in Update 3.0 and from there, more was added in other updates. Some tokens stay for an indefinite amount of time and some others will be limited time tokens that will leave by a certain time limit. The way you get tokens is by putting certain ponies (usually only three ponies per token) on certain tasks and they can fail.

Token Pages

Page Amount of Tokens
Permanent Tokens 23
Limited Time Tokens 74
Community Tokens 27

Group Quests

Token Group Quest
Quiet, Please(Tutorial) Open Scroll Scroll token
Trot Secret Cloak Fabric Cloak Fabric
The Las Pegasus Job Counterfeit Dress Counterfeit Dress
Cold Front Dragon Crystal Dragon Crystal
Doctor Shy Healer's Mask Healer's Mask
Guys' Night Ogres and Oubliettes Dice Ogres and Oubliettes Dice
In The Yak Of It Yak Helmet Yak Helmet

Token List

This section shows what update added each of the above tokens

Update Tokens It Added # of Tokens Added
Update 3.0

Hair Dye Hair Dye Token
Music Note Note Token
Leather Jackets Leather Jacket Token
Microphone Microphone Token
Camera Camera Token
Caps Cap Token
Glasses Glasses Token

Update 3.1 Snowglobes Snowglobe Token 1
Update 3.2

Birdhouse Token Birdhouse
Toy Duck Token Toy Duck
Gelatin Cake Token Gelatin Cake
Kerosene Lamps Token Kerosene Lamp
Calendar Token Calendar
Holiday Potion Holiday Potion
Delicate Scarf Delicate Scarf
Plush Toy Plush Toy
Scooter Token Scooter
Daring Do Book Token Daring Do Book
Scroll Token Scroll
Bag for Stones Token Bag for Stones
Sewing Machine Token Sewing Machine
Phoenix Feather Token Phoenix Feather
Bonsai Token Bonsai

Update 3.3

Headphones Token Headphones
Powder Puffs Token Powder Puff
Rose Token Rose
Wedding Bells Token Wedding Bell
Wedding Gifts Wedding Gifts

Update 3.4

Daring Do Statuette Daring Do Statuette
Griffon's Lock Griffon's Lock
Mosaic Clue Mosaic Clue
Liana Ropes Liana Ropes
Amulets of Culican Amulets of Culican

Update 3.6

Talent Show Props Talent Show Props
News News
Campaign Posters Campaign Posters
Ballots Ballots
Cutie Mark Emblems Cutie Mark Emblems
Globe Globe token
Baseball Baseball
Shopping Bag Shopping Bag

Update 3.7

Walkie-talkie Walkie-talkie
Badge Badge
Stage Decorations Stage Decorations
Friendship Festival Flags Friendship Festival Flags
Musical Scores Musical Scores
Dance Moves

Update 3.8

Airship Part Airship Part
Star Map Star Map
Binoculars Binoculars Token
Magic Stick Wand Token
Confetti Confetti
Map Map Token
Compass Token Compass
Interviews Interviews
Surveillance Gear Surveillance Gear
Tempest Clues Tempest Clues

Update 4.0

Kludgetown Guidebook Kludgetown Guidebook
Dusty Maps Dusty Maps
Storm Buck Storm Buck
Contraband Artifact Contraband Artifact
Storm Creature Intel Storm Creature Intel
Clever Disguise Clever Disguise
Distracting Fireworks Distracting Fireworks
Resistance Manifesto Resistance Manifesto
Kludgetown Directions Kludgetown Directions
Lucky Coin Lucky Coin

Update 4.1

Changeling Art Changeling Art
Tasty Plants Tasty Plants
Hoofmade Pottery Hoofmade Pottery
Timey Wimey Device Timey Wimey Device

Update 4.2

Journal Pages Journal Pages
Bakery Furnishings Bakery Furnishings
Sick Dance Moves Sick Dance Moves
Song Lyrics Song Lyrics
Lovely Flowers Lovely Flowers
Imperial Guardspony Disguises Imperial Guardspony Disguises
Divination Sticks Divination Sticks
Legendary Scrolls Legendary Scroll
Friendship-ade Friendship-ade
Glowpaz Egg Glowpaz Egg
Hearts and Hooves Balloons Hearts and Hooves Balloons
Legendary Lore Legendary Lore
Natural Camouflage Natural Camouflage
Pharaonic Crowns Pharaonic Crowns
Sphinx Snacks Sphinx Snacks

Update 4.3

Crystal Coin Crystal Coin
Cloak Fabric Cloak Fabric
Counterfeit Dress Counterfeit Dress
Dragon Crystal Dragon Crystal
Healer's Mask Healer's Mask
Ogres and Oubliettes Dice Ogres and Oubliettes Dice
Yak Helmet Yak Helmet
Open Scroll Scroll token
Flameless Fireworks Flameless Fireworks

Update 4.4

Glittering Scales Glittering Scales
Stone Egg Fragments Stone Egg Fragments
Phoenix Feathers Phoenix Feathers
School Visitor Passes School Visitor Passes
Blemish Cream Blemish Cream

Update 4.5

Lesson Plans Lesson Plans
Campus Decorations Campus Decorations
Debating Points Debating Points
Student Testimonials Student Testimonials
Friendship Cupcakes Friendship Cupcakes
Mane Samples Mane Samples
Camping Gear Camping Gear
Baby Birds Baby Birds
Story Details Story Details
Random Junk Random Junk


Bits Bit
Gems Gem
Hearts Heart
Event Currency
Sapphires Sapphire
PartyKeyz PartyKeyz
PartyTicketz PartyTicketz
PartyChickenz PartyChickenz
Wedding Gifts Wedding Gift
Black Iris
Joke Plant
Purple Mushroom
Red Orchid
Sticky Sap
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