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The To Change a Changeling Mega Event Limited-Time Story was first held on December 8, 2017 in Update 4.1. Players are given 10 days to clear 13 quests and win prizes. It was also held on June 29th 2018.

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To Change a Changeling Time Limit
10 Days
Quest #1 Milestone #1 Quest #2 Quest #3 Quest #4 Quest #5 Quest #6 Quest #7 Milestone #2 Quest #8 Boss #1 Boss #2 Boss #3
Evasive Maneuvers! Craft Time! Actor vs. Apple Here Comes the Payoff... Sharing is Caring On the Spot Guiding the Discourse Soup's On...? Seeing Green Phind Pharynx! Stop Hitting Yourself #1 Stop Hitting Yourself #2 Stop Hitting Yourself #3

Starlight Glimmer: I'm glad we're stopping by Thorax's new changeling colony, Trixie... His letters make it seem like the responsibilities of being hive leader are a little overwhelming.

Starlight Glimmer: He's dealing with the wants and needs of his subjects. Redesigning the hive, a dread Maulwurf wreaking havoc outside...

Trixie: It does sound like a lot... but are you sure that last thing is real?

Starlight Glimmer: The dread Maulwurf? Sure it is. Thorax said it's like half-bear, half-mole,half-raging-pile-of-claws! And it keeps eating up all the plants around the new hive, too--


Trixie: Uhh.. Please tell me Thorax also mentioned a terrifying-looking changeling who greets visitors but is actually nice!?

Quest #1: Evasive Maneuvers!

Quest #1: Evasive Maneuvers!
"... Nope. Change of plans, Trixie -- RUN AWAY!!!" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Send Starlight Glimmer to escape the mystery changeling
Skip: 1 Gems

Send Trixie to escape the mystery changeling
Skip: 2 Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 30 Seconds

1 Time
Task Time: 3 Minutes

150 XP

1,800 Bits

3 Gems

150 Hoofmade Pottery

Quest Giver: Starlight Glimmer
Ending text
"Wait... I thought all the changelings were reformed by now! That scary one didn't look reformed at ALL... What's going on!?"

Trixie: AAAAAAAAAAAAAOh, wait -- Thorax! It's you!!! No time to explain -- but there's a TOTALLY unreformed changeling who just tried to CHASE US AWAY FROM THE--

Metamorphosed Thorax: *sigh...* I-I can explain that, I was able to convince all of the other changelings to change, except one of them... My brother.

Starlight Glimmer: Your BROTHER!? I mean, uh... yeah, of course he is! You guys have the same... um... eye shape?

Metamorphosed Thorax: Heh... Yeah. Pharynx used to be Head of Patrol... but now that we're peaceful, he just stalks around the hive, ruining all our plants and making everyone miserable.

Metamorphosed Thorax: The other changelings are sick of it -- and if I can't get him to accept love and friendship and change like the rest of us, everything I've done here is at risk!

Milestone #1: Craft Time!

Milestone #1: Craft Time!
"I've tried to get him involved with the new activities I've started... There's theater, swing dancing, potluck lunches... Ooh, and Craft Time! Maybe I could sell him on Craft Time if you guys help me out!" Bring: 20 Changeling Art Rewards
Starlight Glimmer + Pinkie Pie Trixie + Lemon Stand Bon Bon + Changeling Arts and Crafts Station
(250 Gems for shop, Guaranteed 3x drop)
Changeling Actor
(50 Gems replacement)
Quest giver: Metamorphosed Thorax 3h 2h ?
Ending text
"Aww... All that time doing Craft Time, and nopony drew a picture of ME! And I even polished my scales today, too..."

Starlight Glimmer: Thorax... Craft Time is fun and all, but I'm not sure Pharynx is the artistic type.

Starlight Glimmer: Trixie and I know a thing or two about what it's like to be outsiders... Maybe we could talk to him for you?

Metamorphosed Thorax: Do you really think you can help?

Trixie: Thorax -- if there's anypony who can help your brother, it's me. And with Starlight helping, it might take slightly longer, but I guarantee you we can do it!

Trixie: All we have to do is... um... figure out where he is. Where IS he...?

Starlight Glimmer: I'm not sure, Trixie -- but I think I know how to draw him out! Thorax said Pharynx was ruining all the hive's plants... and that gave me an idea.

Quest #2: Actor vs. Apple

Quest #2: Actor vs. Apple
"If we ask one of the changelings around here to pretend like they're harvesting apples, Pharynx is sure to come trotting over to stop it! We'd need somepony who could make it look convincing, though..." Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Level Changeling Actor up to 3 stars
Skip: 12 Gems

3 Stars

175 XP

1,150 Bits

3 Gems

250 Hoofmade Pottery

Quest Giver: Starlight Glimmer
Ending text
"That changeling is REALLY good at fake-harvesting apples. Maybe he spent some time disguised as a farmer before he reformed...?"

Quest #3: Here Comes the Payoff...

Quest #3: Here Comes the Payoff...
"Okay... I think that's all the apples we'll need to annoy Pharynx into coming out. Uh... and now that I said it out loud like that, this sounds like a REALLY silly plan...?" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Wait for Pharynx to take the bait
Skip: 350 Gems

2 Days 16hrs(From Start of Event)

225 XP

2,500 Bits

1 Gems

50 Hoofmade Pottery

Quest Giver:
Ending text
"Oh my gosh -- there he is! At least... I THINK that's Pharynx? I guess it COULD be another changeling who shapeshifted into him..."
  • Skip price lowers when the time goes down

Pharynx: Rrrrgh...!!! These apples are a safety hazard! An enemy could use them as weapons, or to TRIP us with... I don't even know why they're HERE!!!

Starlight Glimmer: Aheh... Um, hi. Pharynx? I'm Starlight Glimmer, and this is Trixie. I know when we first met, it didn't go so well, but--

Pharynx: ... I almost chased you out of the hive -- *I* thought it went great. Stay away from me, or I'll stomp on you just like I stomped on those apples!

Trixie: Ohhh, WAIT JUST A MINUTE! I don't care if you ARE Thorax's brother -- NOPONY talks to the Great and Powerful Trixie that--

Changeling Counselor: Why, hello there, fellow beings! It's so lovely to have so many new faces at the Feelings Forum -- I'm sure today will be an ESPECIALLY productive session!

Trixie: ... The feel-like-WHAT-now?

Quest #4: Sharing is Caring

Quest #4: Sharing is Caring
"The Feelings Forum! A place for changelings to express their feelings, so we all gain a better understanding of each other -- held right in this spot! You, in the collar... why don't you speak first?" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Send Changeling Actor to soliloquize about his problems
Skip: 5 Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 4h

85 XP

800 Bits

25 Hoofmade Pottery

Quest Giver: Changeling Counselor
Ending text
"Ooooookay... So, that changeling just did a WHOLE monologue about his strained relationship with his younger broodmates... What IS this, again?"

Trixie: (Psst!!! Starlight... I can only listen to so many anecdotes about changeling community theater. Why don't we just tell everypony that we're here by mistake, and leave!?)

Starlight Glimmer: (No, no, no -- this is EXACTLY where we need to be! Pharynx is here, too, remember?)

Starlight Glimmer: (If we can just get the group leader to call on him, we can help him talk through his problems -- and help him change just like everypony else! We just have to--)

Changeling Counselor: ... Let's welcome our newcomers, shall we? You -- with the lovely hat and cape ensemble... do you have anything you'd like to share?

Quest #5: On the Spot

Quest #5: On the Spot
"YIPEE!!! I mean, of COURSE I do! And... uh... what better way to share my feelings than... uh... with a SHOW-STOPPING DANCE-STRAVAGANZA!?" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Send Trixie to PERFORM her problems through INTERPRETIVE DANCE
Skip: 3 Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 2h

110 XP

950 Bits

35 Hoofmade Pottery

Quest Giver: Trixie
Ending text
"Some ponies stay quiet when they're trying to hide something... but Trixie? She puts on a SHOW! That was some pretty great hoofwork, too..."

Trixie: ... And THAT last eight bars or so represents my ongoing journey towards a healthier self-image! ... I think

Pharynx: (Pfah! Touchy-feely, oogly-ggoogly nonsense...)

Changeling Counselor: Thank you, Trixie! That was very... um... elaborate. Does anyone else have any feelings they'd like to address?

Quest #6: Guiding the Discourse

Quest #6: Guiding the Discourse
"I-I do, actually! There's something I'd like to say about my own past... and how important it is to express yourself honestly, instead of trying to dominate everypony around you..."" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Send Starlight Glimmer to attempt to talk things through
Skip: 2 Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 30m

180 XP

1,400 Bits

45 Hoofmade Pottery

Quest Giver: Starlight Glimmer
Ending text
"Starlight's doing a good job of steering the conversation around to Pharynx... but I hope she knows what she's doing. He looks REALLY crabby."

Starlight Glimmer: ... But now, Trixie has come to terms with being second-best, and I no longer control ponies against their will. And our lives are so much better for it!

Starlight Glimmer: Thinking about all that... well, I can't help but think about you, Phar--

Changeling Actor: MY SOUP IS TOO HOT!!!

Starlight Glimmer: ... Um. What?

Changeling Counselor: Now, Starlight -- respect the process! If this changeling's emotional state is being threatened by the temperature of his soup, then we ALL owe it to him to help solve that problem.

Trixie: (This is SUPER dumb.)

Quest #7: Soup's On...?

Quest #7: Soup's On...?
"YEAH! My emotional state is whatever you said! And I don't have enough money to buy cooler soup, either -- I was going to GET some from the mines, but I forgot! AND I'M VERY UPSET ABOUT IT!" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Get points in Crystal Mine Game
Skip: 20 Gems

100,000 Points

250 XP

2,000 Bits

2 Gems

95 Hoofmade Pottery

Quest Giver: Changeling Actor
Ending text
"Uhhh... did we just go on a subterranean adventure to get that random changeling some gazpacho money? I'm REALLY confused."

Changeling Actor: Oh, wait, false alarm -- my original soup cooled down! These feelings Forums are GREAT for solving problems!

Trixie: (... SO DUMB.)

Pharynx: ENOUGH!!! The changelings USED to be a fearsome swarm! Now we sit around talking about our feelings so much, you can't even stop a maulwurf from eating all your "preety plants"!

Pharynx: I could've sent that thing packing before, but I guess now we'll just TRY to lead it away and HOPE that keeps us safe! WHAT A LOAD OF HOOEY!!!

Trixie: ... Aaaaand he just flew away again. I'm all for second chances... third, even. But Pharynx just seems like a bad bug!

Starlight Glimmer: Yeah... there IS a chance he's a lost cause. But just in case he isn't... I think I finally know how we can get him to change!

Milestone #2: Seeing Green

Milestone #2: Seeing Green
"Uh... excuse me? Fellow Feelings Forum participants? I can't explain why right now, but it would be really... um... THERAPEUTIC for me if you helped me gather up some plants. I'll show you which ones I mean!" Bring: 30 Tasty Plants Rewards
Changeling Actor + Cherry Stand Metamorphosed Worker (on sale for 10 Gems) Changeling Counselor (500 Gems, Guaranteed 3x drop)
The Feelings Forum
(50 Gems replacement)
Quest giver: Starlight Glimmer 1h 2h 30m ?
Ending text
"That didn't LOOK all that therapeutic... What could Starlight be up to?"

Trixie: Well, that sure was... something. How is gathering up all those plants supposed to solve our Pharynx problem, Starlight?

Starlight Glimmer: They're gonna help us use ONE problem to solve another! Those plants were SUPPOSED to lead the maulwurf away -- but I switched them around to lure it here, instead!

Starlight Glimmer: The changelings may not be able to stop it anymore, but Pharynx certainly can...

Starlight Glimmer: When it attacks, he'll save his brother showing everypony his good side, the others will accept him, and Pharynx will finally let love and friendship into his life and transform!

Trixie: ... Wow.

Starlight Glimmer: I KNOW, right!? Great Idea! ... Where's Pharynx?

Quest #8: Phind Pharynx!

Quest #8: Phind Pharynx!
"Uh... nopony knows where he went after the Feelings Forum, actually. Which, if the maulwurf is coming THIS way, now... might be a problem." Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Wait for Pharynx to show up.
Skip: 450 Gems

6 Days(From Start of Event)

125 XP

500 Bits

1 Gems

100 Hoofmade Pottery

Quest Giver: Trixie
Ending text
"The maulwurf hasn't shown up yet... but neither has Pharynx. I'm starting to get worried..."
  • Skip cost decreases with time, similar to quest #3.

Metamorphosed Thorax: Starlight! Trixie! Pharynx left the hive for good -- and he's out in the open, alone, FIGHTING THE MAULWURF! I have to save him!

Starlight Glimmer: Oh, no... I thought if Pharynx saw you were in danger, the loving, caring side of him would come out when he protected you!

Starlight Glimmer: This is all my fault... I'm coming with you Thorax -- and Trixie is, too!

Trixie: Oh! Right. I mean, I was gonna volunteer anyway...

Starlight Glimmer: The same goes for everypony else here! You COULD not help Pharynx, and he won't bother you anymore. It's your choice. But now is your chance to show what changelings can REALLY be!

Boss Stages: Stop Hitting Yourself!

Stage 1

Boss Stage #1
Guaranteed Reward
Verdant Throne (Decor)
Malwurf (90HP)
Limited-Time Reward Starlight Glimmer
10 Gems Power: +10


2 hours 24 minutes
Time limit:
12 hours
1 Gems
Ending text
"WHOOHOO!!! They did it! They beat the maulwurf! But... what's happening to Pharynx?"
  • It costs 1 Gems to skip the stage.

Trixie: That was an amazingly epic speech, Starlight! I just can't believe basically no actual changelings were moved by it.

Metamorphosed Thorax: I can't blame them. If he wasn't my brother, I don't think I'd be here, either!

Pharynx: Yeah, well, you SHOULDN'T be! Get outta here and let me handle this!

Starlight Glimmer: We're not leaving you!

Stage 2

Boss Stage #2
Guaranteed Reward
Tcac boss2.jpg
Ceremonial Dragon Fire (Decor)
Malwurf (320HP)
Limited-Time Reward Princess Ember (on sale for 350 Gems) Trickster Changeling (1,000 Gems)
Pharynx (50 Gems Replacement) Power: +20 Power: +24


2h 24m
Time limit:
24 hours
50 Gems
Ending text
"WHOOHOO!!! They did it! They beat the maulwurf! But... what's happening to Pharynx?"
  • Collections Needed (You get the First Attack Upon Starting the Stage):
    • W/O Any Helpers: 8 Sonic Waves (7 Waits= 16h 48m)/2 Sonic Waves (4h 48m) Can Be Missed
    • W/Only Princess Ember: 6 Sonic Waves (5 Waits= 12h)/4 Sonic Waves (9h 36m) Can Be Missed
    • W/Only Trickster Changeling: 5 Sonic Waves (4 Waits= 9h 36m)/5 Sonic Waves (12h) Can Be Missed
    • W/ Trickster Changeling & Princess Ember: 4 Sonic Waves (3 Waits= 7h 12m)/6 Sonic Waves (14h 24m) Can Be Missed

Metamorphosed Thorax: I may have forgotten to mention in my letters that maulwurfs have REALLY thick hides!

Starlight Glimmer: I thought you said you could beat this thing!

Pharynx: Yeah, with the rest of the swarm! Not ALONE!

Changeling 1: Good thing you're not alone!

Trixie: WHOOOO! Changeling reinforcements! I TOLD you it was an epic speech, Starlight!

Stage 3

Boss Stage #3
Guaranteed Reward
Tcac boss3.jpg
Renovated Changeling Hive (50 Gems Replacement)
Malwurf (560HP)
Limited-Time Reward Metamorphosed Thorax (on sale for 350 Gems) Paint-Covered Changeling (1,000 Gems)
Metamorphosed Pharynx (150 Gems Replacement) Power: +25 Power: +36


2h 24m
Time limit:
1 day 12 hours
50 Gems
Ending text
"WHOOHOO! They did it! They beat the maulwurf! But... what's happening to Pharynx?"
  • Collections Needed (You get the First Attack Upon Starting the Stage):

Changeling 1: Pharynx... We wanted to let you know that... we've been wrong. Um... the hive may be a gentler, nicer place...

Changeling 2: ... But that doesn't mean we won't have to defend ourselves. Clearly.

Metamorphosed Thorax: And who better to help us do that than the only changeling who never stopped protecting us? Unless you still want to leave the hive...

Metamorphosed Pharynx: Well, I'm sorry if I don't get excited about pretty flowers and feeling circles... but why would I want to leave!? I LOVE the hive!

Trixie: Oh my gosh... Pharynx! You transformed!!!

Starlight Glimmer: Ohhh, I always knew he had it in him! I'm SO sorry for how admittedly terrible my plans were, everypony... but I'm glad they brought everything together in the end, anyway!

The End


Leaderboard #1

Leaderboard #1 Time Limit:
5 Days
Prize 1 (1-100) Assign Characters to complete tasks and earn: Hoofmade Pottery
Crystal Cave (Shop)/(100 Gems Replacement) Twilight Sparkle + Bookstore
6 Hoofmade Pottery
12 Hoofmade Pottery
Changeling Drone + Canterlot Cafe
60 Hoofmade Pottery
Metamorphosed Drone
60 Hoofmade Pottery
Prize 2 (101-500)
Pinkie's Vacuum (Decor)
Prize 3 (501-1000) 2h 1h 30m 3h 4h
25 Gems

Leaderboard #2

Leaderboard #2 Time Limit:
5 Days
Prize 1 (1-100) Assign Characters to complete tasks and earn: Airship Parts
Cotton Candy Colt/100 Gems Apple Bloom Sweetie Belle Cherry Fizzy Personal Shopper Pony Teashop Pony
Prize 2 (101-500)
Clumsy Rodeo Clown/50 Gems
Prize 3 (501-1,000) (4h) (3h 30m) (3h) ?? (2h 30m)
25 Gems
  • This second leaderboard reuses the Airship Parts tokens and ponies from the Story of a Storm's first leaderboard.

Total rewards