The Oranges' House
SAA House 1.png
The Oranges' House Residents.png
TownSweet Apple Acres
Build Time16h
Build Skip24 Gems
Build reward30 XP
Residents Aunt Orange
Uncle Orange
The Olden Pony

The Oranges' House is the house in Sweet Apple Acres where Aunt Uncle Orange and The Olden Pony lives. It uses the same artwork as Apple Leaves' Cabin, Aunt Applesauce's Cottage, Gala Appleby's Retreat, Golden Harvest's Home and Sweet Apple Barn, only without smoke.

Prior to the Sweet Apple Acres update, due to an oversight, Uncle Orange lived in Ponyville and Aunt Orange lived in Canterlot, both in houses called "The Oranges' House". Uncle Orange's house used the same artwork as Bowling Pony's House, Comet Tail's House, Forsythia's House, Spirits' House, The Pie Parents Home and School of Friendship Annex. Aunt Orange's house used almost the same artwork as Conductor's House, Fruit Friend's Cabana, the Night Light Book Binding House, Prim Hemline and Suri Polomare's Home, Professor's House, and Twinkleshine's House, only smaller and lacking a stone walkway surrounding it.

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