Sweet Apple Barn
SAA House 1
Sweet Apple Barn Residents Image
TownSweet Apple Acres
Build Time16h
Build Skip24 Gem
Build reward30 Star
Residents Apple Cobbler
Apple Fritter

The Sweet Apple Barn is the house in Sweet Apple Acres where Apple Cobbler and Apple Fritter live. It uses the same artwork as Apple Leaves' Cabin, Aunt Applesauce's Cottage, Gala Appleby's Retreat, Golden Harvest's Home and The Oranges' House.

Prior to the Sweet Apple Acres update, the Sweet Apple Barn was located in Ponyville. Contrary to its name, it did not resemble a barn. It was also larger, being 4x4 tiles instead of the current 3x3. It used the same artwork as Jeff Letrotski's House, Lyra's House, and the Mayor's House.

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