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Normal Store Button

Not to be confused with shops.

The Store is where players use various currencies to buy characters, shops, and decor. Once purchased, shops, ponies, and certain one-of-a-kind decor items disappear from the list of options. The store button also provides access to the player's inventory.

Each sub-section of the Shop has tabs for Ponyville, Sweet Apple AcresCanterlot, Crystal Empire and Klugetown. Ponies, shops, and decor purchased for Ponyville cannot be placed in Canterlot, and vice versa. Players can buy objects and ponies for all towns regardless of which one is currently being viewed. If a pony or object is purchased from the store for a different town, the player is given the option to travel to the other town right away to place the new purchase, or to hold the purchase in the inventory.

What's new?

Items in this tab are new to the game as of a recent Update. After an unknown amount of time, additions cease to be new and are removed from this group.


Highlights ponies, shops, and decor objects that are part of a promotional sale.


This tab contains ponies that can be bought for either gems Gems, hearts Hearts, or Bits Bits.

See Category:Characters for all available ponies.


This tab contains Shops.

See Shops for a list of all available shops.


These objects are for beautifying your town.

See: Ponyville Decor, Sweet Apple Acres Decor, Canterlot Decor, Crystal Empire Decor and Klugetown Decor for lists of available decor items.


A list of currently active bundles is located here

See: Bundles

Construction Bundles

A Construction Bundle for Ponyville

Construction Bundles were added in Update 5.3. It contains a Blueprint with nicely groomed pre-set design, containing all required components. It can also uncover expansion zones, and always removes clearables when initially placed.

It also can be modified, dismantled and reassembled again in the Edit Mode.


This tab contains items which the player owns but has not yet placed in a town. Items and ponies end up here as a result of purchasing something for a town other than the one currently being visited and selecting the "Send to inventory" option, after being won from Balloon Pop or Equestria Girls mini-game, or if a shop or decor cost gems to purchase and is later removed after placing via the Edit function.


On reaching level 9, a brief tutorial narrated by Spike is shown for the store.