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Introduced in Update 4.1, Star Mastery is a system that awards bonus prizes for accumulating character stars. This system rewards veterans who have leveled up their characters significantly and also gives an incentive to leveling up characters, as they can no longer be assigned to shops.

How it works

The game keeps track of the total number of character stars that the player has collected. Once the number reaches various milestones, prizes are awarded through the Star Mastery interface, found in the Profiles screen. The player can increase the count by playing mini-games to raise the star level for characters.


Star Mastery rewards are currently available until 2000 stars are accumulated.

Number of stars collected Reward Alternate reward Minimum characters needed
5 Flam 25 Gems 1
10 Large Clock Tower N/A 2
25 10 Pins N/A 5
50 10 Buttons N/A 10
75 10 Gems N/A 15
100 Trixie Statue N/A 20
150 10 Twines N/A 30
200 Corn Stand 25 Gems 40
300 Apple Leaves 30 Gems 60
400 10 Ribbons N/A 80
500 10 Bows N/A 100
750 25 Gems N/A 150
1000 Hooficrafts Stand 40 Gems 200
1500 50 Gems N/A 300
2000 Cloudy Quartz 50 Gems 400


  • While characters who are already 5 stars (e.g. Princess Celestia) do not need to be played mini-games with, they still contribute to the star count.