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This page is about character levels. For the experience given to the player upon completing various actions, see XP. For the player's level, see Level.

Each playable character in My Little Pony has a level from 0 to 5, represented by stars. Except for special characters, such as Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Granny Smith who start at 5 stars, most playable characters start at 0 stars and must be leveled up by playing minigames with them. The Apple-Picking, Ball Bounce, and Telescope minigames grant experience to the character, and when that character has enough experience to gain a level. In previous versions, playing the Clear the Skies minigame causes them to gain the star, but this is no longer available. A multiplier based on the number of stars a character has is also awarded in the Equestria Girls mini-game and special social event version of Clear the Skies minigame.

Many shops previously had a star requirement for their second product or bonus; the star requirement for the bonus was always one more than the second product's requirement, however as ponies are no longer required to work in shops, this is no longer relevant. In addition, several quests require a character to be leveled to a certain number of stars. Other than this, a character's level has no effect on gameplay.

The amount of points required to level a pony varies, with cheaper and earlier unlocked ponies generally requiring less points than those more expensive and unlocked later.

Tip: Don't level every single pony to 5 stars; only those required by quests, the Mane 6 (for Equestria Girls bonus score), and any additional beyond these that you need to fill 5-star shop slots. Otherwise, if you receive an event that requires playing a specific levelling minigame a given amount of times, you won't be able to participate. If you have already leveled this pony to 5 stars and the quest does not detect this, you will need to contact Gameloft Support by logging a support ticket through their website.

As of Update 3.7 for iOS and Android, points earned in playing the mini-game will be carried onto the next star instead of playing the mini-game Clear the Skies.

In update 4.1, a reward systems called Star Mastery has been introduced base on the amount of stars earned across all ponies. The Star Mastery page is accessible from the players profile.

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