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Okay, let's figure out the music first. We'll need a lot of Headphones for the DJ -- or maybe rent out Symphony Hall. Chapter Reward
Bring: Headphones Headphones 30
Forsythia + Symphony Hall(X2) Attend a show at Symphony Hall 1h 30m Eyeshade Pony
DJ Pon-3 Drop the base 1h 30m
Teacher's Pet Test out the loudspeaker 1h 45m

Closing Text
Octavia: We've got the set list fully sorted,Amethyst!Cranky and Matilda's ceremony will be accompanied by the most beautiful music in all Equestria!

Amethyst Star: Thanks, Octavia!Good thing you guys are finished practicing--the wedding guests have started to arrive in town! I've got to organize EVEN FASTER!

Matilda's stylist needs to work his magic. Could you hunt down some Powder Puffs for him -- or maybe build him a salon? Chapter Reward
Bring: Powder Puffs Powder Puffs 50
Lotus Blossom Organize Spa supplies 1h 15m Formalwear Colt
Pipsqueak + Steven Magnet's Hair Salon(X2) Help Steven Magnet out the salon 45m
Eyeshade Pony Play a few frames at the Bowling Alley 1h
  • Still Locked Text: Of course, after we do THAT, we'll still have to figure out Matilda's makeup... We're on a tight schedule!

Closing Text
Steven Magnet: There you go, sweetness! Pretty as a picture, and all ready to walk down the aisle! I've known Cranky for AGES -- and trust me, he's gonna LOVE this look on you!

Matilda: Oh, thank you, Steven! I was a little surprised to find out that Cranky's best friend was a sea serpent... but you're the best mane stylist i've ever had!

Okay, we'll need a lot of Red Roses for Cranky and Matilda's bouquets. We could hire Roseluck as a florist as well.. Chapter Reward
Bring: Red Rose Roses 25
Formalwear Colt + Ice Cream Shop Have a festive sundae at the Ice Cream Shop 1h 30m Allie Way
Roseluck + Flower Shop(X2) Supervise bouquet creation at the Flower Shop 1h
Mr. Carrot Cake + Mrs. Cup Cake Discuss edible arrangements with Mrs. Cup Cake 2h 30m
  • Still Locked Text: Whatever we do, we need to it FAST! So much to plan... So much to plan...

Closing Text
Derpy: I'm so sorry I messed up the dates on the invitations... but at least I could make up for it by getting all these flower arrangements together!

Roseluck: Well, thanks for all your help! I'll let Amethyst know that everything's set up for the ceremony!

All right! All we need now are some Wedding Bells to deck the aisles with -- unless I get here early, that is. Chapter Reward
Bring: Wedding Bells Wedding Bells 30
Allie Way + Lily Valley Try to calm down Lily Valley 2h Cranky Doodle
Amethyst Star(X2) ? 1h
Lyra Heartstrings Think about a secret 2h
  • Still Locked Text: Once we do THAT, Matilda will be almost ready to walk down the aisle. There are also a few last-minute things.

Closing Text
Cranky Doodle: How'd everything turned out?!'Cause I had to borrow a wig from Steven Magnet,and get this jacket tailored,and didn't even get me STARTED about...

Amethyst Star: Relax,Cranky!Sure,the wedding wedding planning was touch and go there for a while,but I had to help--everything is perfect!Get out of the recep hall and get yourself hitched!

Awesome, we've done it! Stay tuned for new adventures in the future! I bet they'll be even better! Chapter Reward
Everyone gets this prize when the event ends. No Tokens needed. Wavy-Haired Pegasus
  • Still Locked Text: Stay tuned to the adventure! Wait a little bit and you will be rewarded with an awesome prize.

Closing Text
Princess Celestia: (I can't BELIEVE this... I handled the gift for Cadance and Shining Armor's wedding! You were supposed to get one for THIS one, remember?)

Princess Luna: (SSH! Not so loud! The others brought MORE than enough presents -- maybe we can pretend that one of the unlabeled ones is ours! Next time, bring your own gift, and I'll bring mine!)

First Prize(1 - 20) Second Prize(21 - 200) Third Prize(201 - 1,000)
Matilda Doctor Hooves' Lab 50 Gems
Forsythia + Symphony Hall Unknown
Teacher's Pet 1
Lotus Blossom 2
Pipsqueak 4
Eyeshade Pony + Bowling Alley 4
Formalwear Colt 5
Roseluck 5
Mr. Carrot Cake 1
Allie Way + Lily Valley 4
Amethyst Star 4
Lyra Heartstrings 2
DJ Pon-3(PV) 1
  • Note: All tasks for ponies that provides tokens for ponies in Chapter 1-4 provides Wedding Gifts

Closing Event Text
Matilda: Cranky, I hereby take you as my lawfully wedded husband...

Cranky Doodle: ... And Matilda, I hereby take you as my lawfully wedded wife! And I guess THAT makes us jack and jenny!