Crystal kennels
The Siege of the Crystal Empire is a Limited-Time Story Quest that begun on September 21, 2018 and ended on October 1, 2018.


Twilight Sparkle: I can't believe the Crystal Faire is coming up so soon! I've cleared out my whole schedule to make sure we can get these party supplies to the Crystal Empire on time...

Spike: Yeah... but do they REALLY have to call everything "the Crystal Whatever" up there? We get it! It's crystal!

Twilight Sparkle: They're just proud of their home, Spike. Anyway, I thought you loved the Crystal Empire -- you're a hero there!

Pinkie Pie: Yeah! From that time when you defeated the eeevil unicorn king Sombra by bringing the legendary Crystal Heart to the Crystal Dais and poofing him into smoke with the power of love!

Spike: Uhhh... Yeah, Pinkie. I was there.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, nothing like that's going to happen this time! That's why we have pegasus security and our friends monitoring the Faire preparations. I think Applejack's keeping an eye out...

Quest #1: One Apple Less...

Quest #1: One Apple Less...
"Uh... about that. Flim and Flam just showed up sayin' they're DEFINITELY not plannin' to steal anything from my farm while the Faire's goin' on? So... uh... I'm gonna make sure they haven't stolen anything." Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Send Applejack to triple-check the Apple Stand.
Skip: 5 Gem

1 Time
Task Time: 3m

50 Star

1,000 Bit

1 Gem

Quest Giver: Applejack
Ending text
"I guess Applejack has the right idea... Flim and Flam are nothing but trouble, wherever they show up!"

Quest #2: Dash Away...

Quest #2: Dash Away...
"Yeah -- I actually might need to take five on that whole "security" thing, too. Lightning Dust just dared me to beat her stunt-flying record, and, I mean... she's the worst! I've GOTTA do this!" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Send Rainbow Dash to beat Lightning Dust's stunt-flying record.
Skip: 6 Gem

1 Time
Task Time: 15m

60 Star

1,000 Bit

1 Gem

Quest Giver: Rainbow Dash
Ending text
"Okay... I guess Rainbow Dash isn't going to be guarding the Faire either? Should I be worried about this, or...?"

Spike: Twilight...? I'm glad you think everything's gonna be okay, but a lot of ponies seem like they're--

Twilight Sparkle: Not now, Spike! Didn't you see Chrysalis challenging me to a magic duel when you were talking with Rainbow Dash just then?!

Quest #3: Fleeting Twilight...

Quest #3: Fleeting Twilight...
I don't know how or why she got here, but I have to stop her! I just have to look up EXACTLY the right spell, first... Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards
Send Twilight Sparkle to research a counterspell.

Skip: 6 Gem

1 Time

Task Time: 15m

Quest Giver: Twilight Sparkle
Ending text
"Oh no... Now Twilight's busy, too?! I've got a bad feeling about this..."

Pinkie Pie: Hey, everypony! So, I don't know if this is a bad time, but I just wanted you to know that I THINK I just stopped Iron Will from stealing the Crystal Heart?

Pinkie Pie: ... Maybe. There was a lot of running around! But he stuffed it in this satchel (I think), and then I GOT the satchel, and... Oh. I guess there's nothing IN the satchel! Never mind!

Twilight Sparkle: Wait... but if YOU don't have the Crystal Heart, and it's not on the Crystal Dais... then... Who DOES have the--

Sombra: The king has returned. Long live the King!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh no... Chrysalis, Iron Will, everypony else... they were just a distraction! Sombra must've regained his physical form somehow, but...

Twilight Sparkle: No -- the "how" isn't important right now! My friends and I have to stop him from retaking the Crystal Empire! I don't even want to THINK about what happens if he gets past us...

Battle #1: Under Siege(Minions)

Minion: Royal Guards
Royal Guard Minion
Reward per Minion Defeat Shadow Crystal Cap Minion HP Number of Minions to move on
1 Shadow Crystal 3 50 12

Battle #2: Under Siege(Boss)

Boss: Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle Boss 1
Reward Upon Completion Recommended Team Power Boss HP Time Limit To Defeat
Crystal Cage(Decor) 3 180 1m
End Text
"No... TWILIGHT!!! This can't be happening... This can't be happening!"

Sombra: So, little pony... you're a princess now. Not that anything has come of it. Minions... take these six to their cages -- and the dragon, too. Make sure their magic is contained.

Twilight Sparkle: No... I can't believe it... We lost...! Is this... Is this it...?

Princess Celestia: Not quite. It seems Cadance was right to call me here after all.

Sombra: YOU! Celestia... When you defeated me before, I was young and inexperienced... but now I'm stronger.

Princess Celestia: Sombra -- it matters not how powerful you are. You are powered by hatred!

Radiant Hope: That's not entirely true. Hello, Princess...

Princess Celestia: Hope?! But... I haven't seen you for a thousand years! After you warned us about Sombra's treachery... studied with Luna and me to become a princess... then left...! I thought you were lost!

Radiant Hope: No... I'm right where I belong. It was my fault that you banished Sombra... which is why I had to bring him back. He's my best foalhood friend...

Radiant Hope: ...and I won't let you hurt him again! Quick, Sombra -- while I've got her distracted! Defeat her!!!

Battle #3: Dawn Breaks(Minions)

Minion: Unicorn Guards
Unicorn Guard Minion
Reward per Minion Defeat Shadow Crystal Cap Minion HP Number of Minions to Move On
2 Shadow Crystal 330 1,000 50

Battle #4: Dawn Breaks(Boss)

Boss: Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia Boss
Reward Upon Completion Recommended Team Power Boss HP Time Limit To Defeat
Crystal Empire Guardspony 22 6,600 5m
End Text
"Is Celestia okay...? PLEASE tell me Celestia's okay... I can't look!"

Twilight Sparkle: NOOOO! You turned Celestia to stone! Sombra... You may have imprisoned me, but as long as I still have the strength to stand, I will see to it that you're punished for this.

Sombra: You're a brave fool, Twilight Sparkle... but soon, you'll just be another entry in my journal. Soon, I will set the Umbrum free... and I want you to see what they will do to your world.

Sombra: Farewell, Princess. When I return, I will have my own army... and you will call me EMPEROR Sombra.

Radiant Hope: Sombra... don't overextend yourself. You can't free the Umbrum if you do... They're your people... and it's your destiny to save them, ever since Princess Amore locked them away!

Sombra: Hope... You may have lived among them, but you should know more than anypony -- you give them too much credit. They are monsters. Just like me.

Sombra: I've known that ever since I saw my reflection in the Crystal Heart all those years ago... since I learned I was an Umbrum myself. THAT is my destiny -- and I cannot escape it.

Sombra: Now -- leave me. I must defeat the rest of the Crystal Empire's Royal Guard if I am ever to take the castle... including one meddlesome Prince in particular.

Battle #5: Crack in the Armor(Minions)

Minion: Stalwart Royal Guard
Stalwart Royal Guard Minion
Reward per Minion Defeat Shadow Crystal Cap Minion HP Number of Minions to move on
3 Shadow Crystal 600 1,500 45

Battle #6: Crack in the Armor(Boss)

Boss: Shining Armor
Shining Armor Boss
Reward Upon Completion Recommended Team Power Boss HP Time Limit To Defeat
Mirror-Sombra's Castle Guard 38 22,800 10m
End Text
"(Sssssh... Don't tell anypony, but Twilight broke out of her cage while Sombra was distracted! Good thing, too... we REALLY needed a win.)"

Sombra: Hmph. Out cold. So much for the pride of the Crystal Empire. But with Shining Armor defeated... nothing stands between me... and this.

Sombra: The door to the world of the Umbrum... deep below the castle. I've dreamt of opening it for so long, but... what if they're good after all? What if I'm the only real monster?

Twilight Sparkle: You ARE a monster, Sombra -- and I told you you'd be punished! You hurt my friends... hurt my family... made me doubt myself! But we escaped -- and it's time you learned a lesson!

Radiant Hope: Sombra! You can't open the door! I just came from the Umbrum's world, and I was wrong about-- GyAAAAH!!!

Twilight Sparkle: No... She ran in front of my magic blast! I didn't mean to hit her... Hope -- I'm so sorry! I--


Sombra: You want to fight monsters, little pony...? I'll give you monsters. Umbrum -- the door is open! Come forth and destroy these pests with me!

Umbrum: Gladly. All hail Emperor Sombra...

Battle #7: Umbrum Rising(Minions)

Minion: Crystal Empire Guardspony
Crystal Empire Guardspony Minion
Reward per Minion Defeat Shadow Crystal Cap Minion HP Number of Minions to move on
4 Shadow Crystal 1,020 2,000 40

Battle #8: Umbrum Rising(Boss)

Boss: Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle Boss 2
Reward Upon Completion Recommended Team Power Boss HP Time Limit To Defeat
Mirror-Sombra's Castle 62 55,800 15m
End Text
"I'm just going to hide under a rock and hope the terrifying shadow monsters go away on their own... My poor dragon heart can't take this!"

Sombra: It is done... They are all captured or turned to stone, save for Cadance. That fool has fled towards the Crystal Dais... if we turn her to stone there, then this campaign will be over.

Radiant Hope: And I'm to be your empress in all this? An empress of monsters... The Umbrum told me this was who you would become, but I didn't believe it. I should have listened. But I had... hope.

Sombra: Hope! You're awake... But -- but you don't understand! When we looked into the Crystal Heart, I saw THIS! I saw my destiny... I was born to be a monster.

Radiant Hope:And I saw myself as a princess! And I was going to be one... but I left my training to try and find you. I had a choice between my destiny and you, and I chose you.

Radiant Hope: I've never believed in destiny, Sombra. You're the only thing I've ever believed in. And if all this is really what you want... then let's go and forge our destiny together.

Sombra: Hope...

Battle #9: Last Hope(Minions)

Minion: Crystal Guard
Crystal Guard Minion
Reward per Minion Defeat Shadow Crystal Cap Minion HP Number of Minions to move on
5 Shadow Crystal 1,245 2,500 35

Battle #10: Last Hope(Boss)

Boss: Princess Cadance
Princess Cadance Boss
Reward Upon Completion Recommended Team Power Boss HP Time Limit To Defeat
Crystal Mailpony 78 70,200 15m
End Text
"What's happening? Sombra put me in another cage, and I have NO idea where Twilight or Cadance are right now... HELP!!!"

Umbrum: The traitor Cadance has been defeated! Now, we must make the Crystal Empire see that there is no hope. Eliminate the princesses now, Sombra!

Radiant Hope: Wait... I have a better idea. Princesses are fine, but they come and go. All you need to destroy their hope is this: the Crystal Heart.

Radiant Hope: It's the same thing that hurt you... that locked the Umbrum away. But if you smash it... they'll be free forever.

Sombra: The Crystal Heart... I remember the first time I looked into this thing. It was the first time I saw myself as a monster... But now, I just see me. Just my reflection.

Umbrum: It must not work if it's not powered up. All the more reason to destroy it!

Sombra: No... No, I think it's working fine. Hope? ... Thank you. I think it's time I made my own destiny.

Sombra: Everypony -- help Hope get the Crystal Heart to the Dais! I'll keep the Umbrum away from her until she can imprison them again... It's not too late!

Battle #11: Shadow and Light(Minions)

Minion: Umbrum 1
Umbrum Minion 1
Reward per Minion Defeat Shadow Crystal Cap Minion HP Number of Minions to move on
6 Shadow Crystal 1,690 3,000 30

Battle #12: Shadow and Light(Boss)

Boss: Rabia 1
Rabia Boss 1
Reward Upon Completion Recommended Team Power Boss HP Time Limit To Defeat
Umbrum Sphere (Decor) 101 121,200 20m
End Text
"Oh my gosh... Did I hear that right? Is Sombra fighting the Umbrum now?! SOMEPONY UNLOCK MY CAGE SO I CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!"


Radiant Hope: The Crystal Heart is trapping the Umbrum! It's pulling them back into their prison... but... Sombra! You're an Umbrum too! You're...

Sombra: I'm the reason everypony is in danger, Hope. It doesn't matter what happens to me...

Radiant Hope: Stop it... You're a hero, Sombra!

Sombra: Heh... Maybe. It's funny thought...

Sombra: Now... let me do this. Let me defeat these last few Umbrum, and when I'm done... Just promise me you won't run away again. You can do so much good in this world.

Radiant Hope: Sombra... I promise.

Battle #13: Darkness Falls(Minions)

Minion: Umbrum 2
Umbrum Minion 2
Reward per Minion Defeat Shadow Crystal Cap Minion HP Number of Minions to move on
7 Shadow Crystal 2,401 3,500 25

Battle #14: Darkness Falls(Boss)

Boss: Rabia 2
Rabia Boss 2
Reward Upon Completion Recommended Team Power Boss HP Time Limit To Defeat
Princess Amore 142 213,000 25m
End Text
"No... Sombra... he's fading away! I never thought I'd feel sorry for him, but... but..."

Radiant Hope: NO! Sombra... You said I could do good, and now I'm doing it! The other Umbrum may be gone, but I'm not letting YOU go... even if I have to fight the magic of the Crystal Heart myself!

Princess Cadance: You're not alone, Hope! I'm the Princess of the Crystal Empire, after all -- the empire the two of you just saved!

Twilight Sparkle: The empire your FRIENDSHIP saved -- and friendship is kinda my thing! Princesses: Focus your magic on the Crystal Heart. On my mark... ready... and... GO!

Sombra: Am... am I really here? Hope... everypony... You saved me! I don't know how to thank you, or how to apologize...

Princess Celestia: There is no need, Sombra. You have saved Equestria, and you have been forgiven. You have another chance to decide what sort of pony you will be... What will you do with it?

Sombra: I... I think I'll start by forgiving someone myself. Princess Amore... I always blamed her for imprisoning the Umbrum, but she deserves a second chance.

Sombra: I made her into a statue and scattered her pieces across Equestria. But Hope... if you helped me rebuild the statue...

Radiant Hope: ... We could save her? We could bring her back?!

Sombra: I think so.

Sombra: Let me tell you a story, everypony... Once upon a time, there was a young pony who wasn't like the others. All he wanted was a friend.

Sombra: And then, he found one. She was the most amazing friend that anypony could have asked for. He loved her and she loved him... but he didn't love himself.

Sombra: He was worried he was a monster... and how could anypony ever care about a monster?

Sombra: That's the thing about friendship, though. Your friends are friends because they can see the great things you have inside.

Sombra: They can see past looks, and family, and even your own worries... And they can see the goodness inside of you, even if you don't see it yourself.

The End



Character Crystals Cap Extra Team Power
Radiant Hope(500 Gem) +20% +20
Shadow Lock(580 Gem) +20% +20
Chrysalis(1,500 Gem) +20% +20
  • Helpers increase the maximum amount of Shadow Crystals you can store in the "bag".



From(Lvl) To(Lvl) Mane Shadow Crystals Cost Body Shadow Crystals Cost
1 2 1 1
2 3 2 2
3 4 3 3
4 5 120 140
5 6 170 190
6 7 210 235
7 8 258 280
8 9 310 330
9 10 350 380
10 11 400 420
11 12 445 465
12 13 490 510
13 14 534 560
14 15 580 600
15 16 625 650
16 17 675 695
17 18 715 740
18 19 765 790
19 20 810 830
20 21 855 880
21 22 900 930
22 23 950 970
23 24 990 1,020
24 25 1,040 1,060
25 26 1,090 1,100
26 27 1,140 1,155
27 28 1,180 1,200
28 29 1,225 1,245
29 30 1,270 1,290
30 31 1,315 1,340
31 32 1,360 1,385
32 33 1,410 1,430
33 34 1,455 1,475
34 35 1,500 1,525
35 36 1,545 1,570
36 37 1,590 1,615
37 38 1,640 1,660
38 39 1,685 1,705
39 40 1,730 1,755
40 41 1,775 1,800
41 42 1,820 1,845
42 43 1,870 1,890
43 44 1,915 1,935
44 45 1,960 1,985
45 46 2,005 2,030
46 47 2,050 2,075
47 48 2,100 2,120
48 49 2,165 2,200
49 50 2,200 2,210
50 51 2,350 2,400
  • Note: Whatever you spend on the upgrade in the battle screen lowers the cost in Pony Editor to craft Sombra's Outfit. 
  • Note: When you tap a bag to the left of the number of Shadow Crystals collected during a fight, all the Shadow Crystals will be immediately collected into the total amount you own.

King's Armor(Sombra's Outfit)

Tier Piece Team Power Increase Shadow Crystals Cost
(Up to Armor Level 9)
Mane: +10 1,074
Body: +10 1,181
(Up to Armor Level 22)
Mane: +25 9,218
Body: +25 9,631
(Up to Armor Level 36)
Mane: +45 26,688
Body: +45 27,396
(Up to Armor Level 51)
Mane: +70 55,543
Body: +70 56,621
  • Finishing the whole outfit gives you a total of 140 Team Power


Leaderboard Time Limit:
10 Days
Assign Characters to complete tasks and earn: Statue Fragments.
Prize 1 (1-100) Prize 2 (101-500) Prize 3 (501-1000)
Umbrum Crystal (Shop) Bust of Sombra (Decor) 30 Gem

Community Helpers

Pony Statue Fragments Produced Time
Flim 10 30m
Scootaloo(X2) 20 1h 30m
Flam + Pinkie Pie(X2) 20 1h 15m
Princess Cadance + Canterlot Theater(X4) 40 2h 45m
Shining Armor + Twilight Velvet(X6) 60 2h 30m
King Sombra(Crystal Empire, X7) 70 3h
Iron Will + Lyra Heartstrings(X10) 100 3h
  • Tasks
    • Flim (Review his old scam ideas at home) - 7 XP, 130 Bits
    • Flam, Pinkie Pie (Try to put one over on Pinkie Pie) - 12 XP, 240 Bits
    • Scootaloo (Observe Crystal Pony Customs, 1 min 30 seconds) - 13 XP, 270 Bits
    • Princess Cadance (Check out the props at the Canterlot Theater) - 18 XP, 410 Bits
    • Shining Armor, Twilight Velvet (Ask Twilight Velvet about old family stories) - 17 XP, 380 Bits
    • King Sombra (Brood about his past) - 19 XP, 440 Bits
    • Iron Will, Lyra Heartstrings (Talk with Lyra about potential work-release programs) - 19 XP, 440 Bits



  • This is the first Limited-Time Story to use the new "idle collection" battle mechanics.
  • The minions (Royal Guards, Umbrum; even Royal Guards that have no wings still fly for a bit.) behave like Changelings, while the Bosses (some Royal Guards, Princess Celestia, more powerful Umbrums) behave like Queen Chrysalis (in the boss battle in Canterlot). Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, and Princess Cadance do not roar or laugh like Queen Chrysalis.
  • Twilight Sparkle wears the outfit you have selected for her in the Boss Battle.
  • Sombra's Platinum Tier outfit resembles that of his Mirror Universe self in the IDW comic arc "Reflections".
Mirror Sombra is like Elvis
  • All Shadow Crystals that have been collected will be converted to Gem (up to 30) when this event ends.
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