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The My Little Pony Gameloft Wiki

Settings Button.

The settings can be found on the top, right above the Collection button.

It has 3 categories: General, Information, and Gameloft Connect.


Settings screen.


Here you can connect your game with your Facebook account.


Here you can adjust the Effects and Music volume.


Here you can set your language. The game offers 13 languages total.

Push Notifications

Here you can customize your notifications. You can set the notification frequency to instantly, 1 hour, 2 hours or 5 hours.

You can check what you want notifications for. (As example, when a new pony arrives in your town, or if a event started/is almost over).


Settings screen #2.


Here you can view some useful information for the basics, for how to play with friends, for all resources, for some parent information and for what's new in the game.

Terms of Use

Takes you to the Gameloft page with their Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy

Takes you to the Gameloft Privacy Policy page.


Shows you the game Credits.

Gameloft Connect

Customer Care

Takes you to the support/FaQ page.


Shows you all the current updates & what's new.

Get More Games

Shows you some other Gameloft games.


Takes you to the Gameloft forum.