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Seasonal decor is only available for a limited amount of time and is focused around holidays. Many of these items are important in seasonal quests. Unless noted, all decor items are available for Ponyville.

Note: Some images may be inaccurate.

Hearth's Warming

Item Image Level Size Price Sell EXP
Small Christmas Tree Small Christmas Tree 1x1 4,000  Bit 3,000 Bit 30 Star
Wreath Wreath 1x1 1,200  Bit 900 Bit 20 Star
Candy Cane Candy Cane 1x1 500  Bit 375 Bit 10 Star
Snowpony Snowpony 1x1 800  Bit 600 Bit 15 Star
Presents Presents 1x1 Gem Inventory 30 Star
Snowflake Sculpture Snowflake Sculpture 1x1 12,000  Bit 9,000 Bit 60 Star
Large Christmas Tree Large Christmas Tree 3x3 40  Gem Inventory 100 Star
Frozen Lake Frozen Lake 6x6 20,000 Bit 15,000 Bit 100 Star
Giant Equestria Snowglobe Giant Equestria Snowglobe 2x2 70 Gem Inventory 120 Star
Huge Train Set Huge Train Set 5x5 40 Gem Inventory 80 Star
Bell Tower Bell Tower 1x1 18,000 Bit 13,500 Bit 75 Star
Festive Bouquet Festive Bouquet 1x1 10,000 Bit 7,500 Bit 50 Star
Festive Lantern Festive Lantern 1x1 10 Gem Inventory 50 Star
Jingle Tree Jingle Tree 2x2 30,000 Bit 22,500 Bit 120 Star
Gift Basket
Gift Basket
5 3x3 15,000 Bit 11,250 Bit 50 Star
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House
10 3x3 60 Gem Inventory 120 Star
Snowball-Ponies Snowball Pony 7 2x2 40 Gem Inventory 80 Star
Hearth's Warming Stage
Hearth Warming Stage
10 3x3 25,000 Bit 18,750 Bit 100 Star
Chest of Wonder
Chest of Wonder
100 Gem
Holder's Boulder
Holder's Boulder
200 Gem

The Bell Tower, Festive Bouquet, Festive Lantern, Giant Equestria Snowglobe, Gingerbread House, Jingle Tree, Huge Train Set, and Frozen Lake all appear in Canterlot.

The Gift Baskets and Snowball-Ponies appear in Sweet Apple Acres.

Hearts & Hooves Day

Item Image Level Size Price Sell EXP
Double Heart Shaped Tree Double Heart Shaped Tree 1x1 12,800  Bit 9,600 Bit 20 Star
Single Heart Shaped Tree Single Heart Shaped Tree 1x1 3,200  Bit 2,400 Bit 10 Star
Triple Heart Shaped Tree Triple Heart Shaped Tree 1x1 Gem Inventory 30 Star
Small Rose Bush Small Rose Bush 2,240  Bit 1,680 Bit 5 Star
Large Rose Bush Large Rose Bush 9,760  Bit 7,320 Bit 5 Star
Heart Shrub Heart Shrub 10  Gem Inventory 10 Star
Small Lovely Vase Small Romantic Vase 1x1 6,000  Bit 4,500 Bit 5 Star
Large Lovely Vase Large Romantic Vase 1x1 10  Gem Inventory 20 Star
Red Heart Flags Red Heart Flags 1x1 20  Gem Inventory 80 Star
Yellow Heart Flags Yellow Heart Flags 1x1 8,000  Bit 6,000 Bit 5 Star
Heart Rugs Heart Rugs 19,200  Bit 14,400 Bit 10 Star
Heart Stone Heart Stone 50,000  Bit 37,500 Bit 10 Star
Heart Pillar Love Potion 70  Gem Inventory 60 Star
Love Potion Heart Pillar 24,400  Bit 18,300 Bit 40 Star
Romantic Couch Romantic Couch 50 Gem Inventory 20 Star
Romantic Gazebo Romantic Gazebo 80  Gem Inventory 90 Star
Heart Fountain Heart Fountain 2x2 120  Gem Inventory 150 Star
Table for Two Table for Two 40  Gem Inventory 50 Star
Lovely Fountain Romantic Fountain 2x2 60 Gem Inventory 35 Star
Lovely Gate Romantic Gate 30  Gem Inventory 55 Star
Hearts and Hooves Day Card (Image) ? ?

10 Gem


Inventory ? Star
Oppulent Carriage (Image) ? ? Bundle Inventory ? Star

St. Patrick's Day

Item Image Level Size Price Sell EXP
Pot of Gold Pot of Gold 2x2 50  Gem Inventory 200 Star
Lucky Clover Flag Lucky Clover Flag 1x1 4,000  Bit 3,000 Bit 5 Star
Lucky Horseshoe Flag Lucky Horseshoe Flag 1x1 4,000  Bit 3,000 Bit 5 Star
Clover Gate Clover Gate 2x2 30,000  Bit 22,500 Bit 75 Star
Lucky Hedge Lucky Hedge 2x2 Gem Inventory 60 Star

Winter Wrap-Up/Easter

Item Image Level Size Price Sell EXP
Bunny Banner Bunny Banner 1x1 30,000  Bit 22,500 Bit 30 Star
Chocolate Fountain Chocolate Fountain 2x2 50  Gem Inventory 200 Star
Giant Egg Giant Egg 2x2 50  Gem Inventory 200 Star
Huge Egg Basket Huge Egg Basket 15,000  Bit 11,250 Bit 50 Star
Spring Tree Spring Tree 1x1 17,200  Bit 12,900 Bit 20 Star

Nightmare Night

These items are only available in Canterlot, except for the Apple Bobbing Stand which appears in Sweet Apple Acres.

Item Image Level Size Price Sell EXP
Pumpkin Catapult Pumpkin Catapult 4x4 60  Gem Inventory 100 Star
Nightmare Night Market Nightmare Night Stalls 3x3 15,000  Bit 11,250  Bit 75 Star
Nightmare Night Stalls Nightmare Night Market 3x3 30  Gem Inventory 150 Star
Nightmare Moon Statue Nightmare Moon Statue 40  Gem Inventory 180 Star
Nightmare Moon Banner Nightmare Moon Banner 1x1 5,000  Bit 3,750  Bit 100 Star
Apple Bobbing Stand Apple Bobbing Stand 5x5 25,000  Bit 18,750  Bit 120 Star
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