Promotions can happen for Characters, Shops, & Decor for many reasons like Holidays, Collection Promotions, What's Hot, or a Mega Event/Limited Time Story

Types of Promotions

What's New

Anything that goes in this section are Characters, Shops, & Decor that go into the store but don't go on sale


Characters/Shops/Decor/Balloon Pop/Real Money Shop that go on sale for a cheaper price than they originally costed.


Flash Sale


These can only be purchased with real money and extremely rare for it to cost Gems Gem and it can include anywhere from 1 to 6 items and they usually last for 24hrs unless the bundle is for a Mega Event/Limited Time Story or a Holiday

Current Promotions

What's New

Item Original Price Sale Price Location Type
Imperial Colt 300 Gem 150 Gem(50% Off) Ponyville C
Bold Archaeologist 825 Gem 412 Gem(50% Off) Ponyville C
Professor Fossil 515 Gem 257 Gem(50% Off) Ponyville C
Cattail 400 Gem - Ponyville C
Cauldron Bubbles 500 Gem - Ponyville C
Mage Meadowbrook 750 Gem - Ponyville C
  • C= Character
  • S= Shop
  • D= Decor


Bundle Items  % Off Promo Price Original Price VIP Points Time Limit
Advanced Pack Cattail 80% $6.99 $39.99 +70 10 Days
Meadowbrook's Potion Kit
Exclusive Set Cauldron Bubbles 80% $7.99 $39.99 +80 10 Days
Cauldron Bubbles's Staff
20 Gem
Special Bundle Mage Meadowbrook 80% $8.99 $49.99 +90 10 Days
Meadowbrook's Caravan
30 Gem

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