Ponyville Land

Train Station(Ponyville)
Ponyville's Train Station.

Ponyville Map

Ponyville in the Train Station Map.</td></tr>

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Ponyville is the starting location in My Little Pony, and the only location the player has access to until reaching level 9, when access to Sweet Apple Acres is unlocked. The quests featured here focus on welcoming the Mane Six back, pushing back the darkness and restoring the Harmony Stones, and ultimately defeating Nightmare Moon. This was originally intended to be followed by a second story line focusing on the royal wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, but this was instead moved to the newly-added Canterlot in the Canterlot Wedding update.


Ponyville map

Map (unrotated) of Ponyville, showing the overall dimensions of the area and the locations and size of the river and Harmony Stones.

The Ponyville map is a square grid, rotated by 45 degrees and with truncated corners. This grid is used for the placement of buildings and decor, with each object occupying at least one grid cell. If the cardinal directions are assumed to reflect convention (that is, where north is up), the north corner is truncated more than the other three. The Train Station is located in the middle of the north side of the map, and the Ponyville River runs along the eastern edge, between the north side of the eastern truncation and the east side of the southern truncation, separating a small area from the rest of the map. Near the southern end, the river widens slightly and contains a small island. The six Harmony Stones, while scattered liberally across the map, are all located west of the river.


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