Store Screenshot 4.4.0F

The Gem Store page. The option at the top center is the Piggy Bank.

Piggy Bank was added in Update 4.2 and when it was first added you would be able to accumulate up to 120 Gem for $2.99 USD (Varies on the Country) but after Update 4.3 the price and Gems Gem limit will change upon purchase from 90 Gem($2.99USD) to over 2,000 Gem($69.99USD).

How It Works

You can buy it at any time (although the best time to buy it is once the Bank says its full to maximize the Gems Gem purchased) and once you purchase it, it will reset for you to refill again and it can be done an endless amount of times. But be warned: After Update 4.3, it will change the price and Gem Gem Cap (also the VIP Points you get for purchasing it) after you purchased it (how many times is unknown).

How Do I Fill It Up?

There are 2 ways to fill up the Bank:

  1. Player Level Up: Every time you level up you can get 10-25 Gem added to the bank(depends on the level but maxes out at 25 Gem per level) and if the Bank is full, instead of getting the usual 10-25 Gem it will say that its full and it won't give you any until you buy the Bank.
  2. Purchases with Gems Gem: For any purchase you make in the game with Gems Gem(It can be opening more land with Gems, Skip Timers, Characters/Shops/Decor) it will add gems to the bank with a conversion rate for every 10 Gem spent will equal to 1 Gem getting added to the Bank (So for example, to fill up the Bank to 90 Gem, it will cost you 900 Gem of Gem Gem Purchases).
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