Performers' Residence
Octavia's House
Octavia's House residents
Build Time6h
Build Skip10 Gem
Build reward20 Star
Residents Octavia
Parish Nandermane
Frederick Horseshoepin
Beauty Brass
Sousaphonist Pony
Performers' Residence (formally named Classical Chateau and Octavia House), is the house in Canterlot where Octavia, Parish Nandermane, Frederick Horseshoepin, Beauty Brass and Sousaphonist Pony live. It uses the same artwork as Sassy Saddles's Home.

Prior to the Movie Time Update, Octavia's house was located in Ponyville. In update 3.8, Octavia house was changed to Classical Chateau. Octavia's Ponyville house used the same design as Bon Bon's House, Royal Guard's House, and Princess Luna's Royal Guard House, Fillies Playhouse and Faculty Housing.

Octavia's House Winter

Performers' Residence during Hearth's Warming Eve

Ponyville House 2

Performers' Residence prior to the Movie Time Update.

Ponyville House Winter 2

Old Performers' Residence during Hearth's Warming Eve.

Ponyville House S4 2

Old Performers' Residence in the Everfree Forest update.

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