Parasprites are tiny winged creatures featured in the episode "Swarm of the Century". They appear in My Little Pony as an obstacles in Ponyville, the equivalent in Canterlot are Changelings, the equivalent in Sweet Apple Acres is Vampire Fruit Bats, the equivalent in the Everfree Forest is Plunderseed Vine, and the equivalent in Crystal Empire is Sombra's Corruption.


They can usually be found when uncovering expansion zones.

They can also respawn on clear (squares without a building or obstruction on it) patches of land of at least 2×2 squares.


To clear a patch of parasprites, simply tap each one on your screen, and each patch contains 5 parasprites. After tapping all there will be a short burst of light and the area will be cleared. It costs one Element Shard to clear each sprite.


Clearing parasprites has a chance of bits as a reward, on individual parasprite or at the end. There is also a small chance that a single gem may pop out at the end. In the window version and earlier updates, minecart wheels may also pop out multiple times.


There are 6 types of parasprites, matching each element as follows:

Body Color Eye Color Image Element
Blue Cyan Laughter Laughter Laughter Shard
Yellow Orange-Red Honesty Honesty Honesty Shard
Violet-Blue Blue Generosity Generosity Generosity Shard
Green Fluo Yellow Kindness Kindness Kindness Shard
Red Pink Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty Shard
Dark Magenta Violet MagicParasprites Magic Magic Shard


Parasprites need to be defeated in several Ponyville quests.

Quest Number Skip
"Parasprite Problem"P 1 2 Gem
"Too Many Parasprites"P 2 10 Gem
"Stores of Old"P 3 5 Gem
"Sparkling Clean"P 5 15 Gem
"Paranormal Activity"P 4 15 Gem
"Swarm of the Century"P 5 18 Gem
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