Every location comes with various obstacles with different sizes such as rocks and trees that need to be cleared before the land can be redeveloped to build houses, shops and decorations. You can only clear obstacles on patches of land you have freed from the shadows.

Obstacles can respawn over time in any patch of clear land are large enough for it. If they or the "Clear?" dialogue box spawn in the same position of a Shop or other building (including it's floating tag if present), tapping it will trigger the building's effect.

Plant obstacles

Here is a list of the plant-based obstacles.

Name Image Size Removal cost Removal time Removal skip Removal XP
Ponyville Sweet Apple Acres
Bushes Small Shrubs N/A 1x1 200 Bit 5m 1 Gem Star
Dead tree Trees Tree SAA Dry tree on halloween 2x2 500 Bit 5m 1 Gem Star

with face

Scary Trees Wicked tree on halloween N/A 2x2 1,000 Bit 15m 1 Gem 10 Star
Tree Trunk N/A Tree Trunk 43623665080 ab9295cd02 o 2x2 800 Bit 10m 1 Gem 10 Star
Small twigs Small Roots N/A 1x1 800 Bit 10m 1 Gem 10 Star
Large Twigs Large Roots N/A 3x3 800 Bit 10m 1 Gem 10 Star

Rock obstacles

Here is a list of the rock-based obstacles.

Name Image Size Removal cost Removal time Removal skip Removal XP
Ponyville Canterlot Sweet Apple Acres
Small Rock Small Rocks Ponyville Small Rocks Canterlot Small Rocks SAA 1x1 500 Bit 5m 1s 1 Gem 5 Star
Medium Rock Medium Rocks Ponyville Medium Rocks Canterlot Small halloween canterlot rock Medium Rocks SAA 1x1 1,000 Bit 10m 1s 1 Gem 20 Star
Large Rocks Large Rocks Ponyville Small halloween rock Large Rocks Canterlot 31590886688 568077ab5d o N/A 2x2 4,000 Bit 2h 14m 4 Gem 40 Star
Small rocks Small Boulders Ponyville Small Boulders Canterlot Small Boulders SAA Large acres rock on halloween 3x3 8,000 Bit 4h 6 Gem 80 Star
Giant Rocks Boulders Ponyville Large halloween rock N/A N/A 3x3 16,000 Bit 12h 18 Gem 160 Star

Enemy and regional obstacles

Most areas has its own specific type of enemy as its obstacle:

Only Parasprites, Changelings, Vampire Fruit Bats, Plunderseed Vines and King Sombra's Corruption spawn randomly in different areas, usually when the player does not play the game for an amount of time.



Sweet Apple Acres

Crystal Empire

Everfree Forest


Tips and tricks

By paving clear land with Dirt Paths from the Decor Shop, it is possible to prevent obstacles from reforming. Simply sell or move the Dirt Path squares when you need the room. It is cheaper in the long run to pave than removing clear 16,000 Bit rocks.

  • Leaving a few squares purposefully black will allow you to 'cultivate' obstacles if you need ones to remove for quest progression
  • This trick also works with preventing Parasprites from respawning.

Obstacles respawn at 6 or 12 AM, EST.

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