The My Little Pony Project 2012 New York beta is a beta version of My Little Pony which was presented at the My Little Pony Project 2012 New York event, held on the weekend of October 13–15, 2012.[1]


The following characters were included in the beta. Note that none of the characters in the shop were locked, despite the player being level 9, suggesting that either character unlocking wasn't implemented yet, or more likely, that all the characters were unlocked for testing or demonstration purposes.

Name Price Notes
Apple Bloom ? Already purchased.
Applejack ? Already purchased.
Big McIntosh ? Already purchased.
Bon Bon ? Already purchased.
Braeburn 3,800 Bit
Caramel 225 Gem
Cheerilee ? Already purchased.
Cherry Jubilee 22,500 Bit
Daring Do 40,000 Bit
Diamond Tiara 150 Gem
DJ Pon-3 ? Already purchased.
Dr. Hooves 2,500 Bit Named "Dr. Whooves" in the shop.
Fancypants ? Already purchased.
Filthy Rich 250 Gem
Flam ? Already purchased.
Fleetfoot Soarin was mistakenly named Fleetfoot.
Flim 17,600 Bit
Fluttershy 47,500 Bit
Hoity Toity 8,400 Bit
Jeff Letrotski 275 Gem
Jesus Pezuna 300 Gem
Lyra Heartstrings ? Already purchased.
Magnum 70,000 Bit
Mayor Mare 57,500 Bit
Mr. Carrot Cake ? Already purchased.
Mrs. Cup Cake ? Already purchased.
Octavia ? Already purchased.
Photo Finish ? Already purchased.
Pinkie Pie ? Already purchased.
Prince Blueblood ? Already purchased.
Rainbow Dash 300 Gem
Rarity 200 Gem
Royal Guard 250 Gem
Sapphire Shores 90,000 Bit
Scootaloo ? Already purchased.
Shining Armor 350 Bit
Silver Spoon 350 Gem
Snails 100 Bit
Snips 74 Gem
Soarin 67,500 Bit Mistakenly named Fleetfoot. Surprise was mistakenly named Soarin.
Spitfire ? Already purchased (pre-release version with solid dark orange mane and tail color, resembling "Blaze").
Surprise 275 Gem Mistakenly named Soarin.
Sweetie Belle ? Already purchased. Named "Sweetiebelle" on her album page.
Trixie ? Already purchased.
Twilight Sparkle - The player starts with Twilight.
Twist 30,000 Bit
Unicorn Guard 400 Gem
Zecora ? Already purchased.


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