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Fluttershy's mom? She just loves to garden. Don't step on her zinnias, begging your pardon!
Playable Yes
Level 15
Town Ponyville
Arrival Bonus 105 Star
House The Shy Family Home
Minigame Timer 8h
Minigame Skip 12 Gem
Traveling Pony
650 Gem
More Info
Update Added ?
Milestone Helper
Boss Helper
Community Helper
Pro Character
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
T-flower Lucky Coin Minecart-wheel-token T-knot Lucky Coin
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Mrs. Shy lives in The Shy Family Home in Ponyville, along with her husband Mr. Shy and their son Zephyr Breeze. You can get her by completing tasks in the Golden Horseshoe Hotel. She arrives in the hotel after you complete Hoofer Steps and Tender Taps.

Update Added Update 3.2
Album Description Mrs. Shy Album Description
Price Change History Update 3.2: 650 Gem or complete Tasks
Collection The Shy Family
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Task Gems
Bring: 80 Magic Shard 40 Gem
Get: 25 Token Toy Duck 290 Gem
Get: 25 Token Gelatin Cake 120 Gem
Build Strawberry Shop 100 Gem
Bring: 25,000 Bit 100 Gem
  • Note: Completing any of the tasks lowers the overall cost of the pony by the price in the Gems Column.


Pony Task
Peachy Sweet Shine up her boots at home (2h, Gelatin Cake Token Gelatin Cake)
Teacher's Pet Share intel and a dance with Featherweight (40m, Gelatin Cake Token Gelatin Cake)
Big McIntosh Size up the competition at the Orange Stand (10m, Gelatin Cake Token Gelatin Cake)
Sweetie Belle Challenge Aunt Orange to a dance-off (8m, Toy Duck Token Toy Duck)
Savoir Fare Silently judge the quality of the Donut Shop's waitstaff (10m, Toy Duck Token Toy Duck)
Braeburn Research strudel recipes at the Honey Stand (4m, Toy Duck Token Toy Duck)
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