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Missing Wings and Maze-y Things is a 10-day limited time story that was first held on May 21, 2021, but ended early on May 24, 2021 due to major technical bugs. It was held again on June 18, 2021 after technical bugs were fixed.

The story is based on the My Little Pony: Friends Forever #25 comic issue, with some elements from the Cosmos story arc.


Rainbow Dash comes to Twilight Sparkle in a panic, revealing that her wings are missing.

Rainbow Dash: T-T-Twilight! You gotta help me! M-my wings... are GONE! I dunno how it happened; I just woke up and-- AUGH! What's a pegasus pony without wings?!

Twilight Sparkle: WHOA?! I-I mean, um, l-let's just calm down! There must be a logical explanation for this! I'll use a Traumalocation spell -- it should be able to tell us where your wings are...

Twilight Sparkle: Huh. That's weird... This SAYS your wings are in the forest, but also... that the forest has turned into some kind of labyrinth?! I think there's bigger, weirder magic at work here...

Quest #1: The Mysterious Maze

Quest #1: The Mysterious Maze
"Well, I don't care HOW big or HOW weird it is -- I NEED my WINGS, Twilight!!! We're going to whatever that labyrinth dealie is and finding them, RIGHT NOW!" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Enter the Labyrinth and Find Rainbow Dash's Wings!
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 10 secs

200 XP

2,000 Bits

1 Gems


Quest Giver: Rainbow Dash
Ending text
"... Huh. This forest DOES look way more like a huge magical maze than I remember... Then again, this is Ponyville. I've seen weirder!"

Rainbow Dash: ... Welp. You were right about the whole "magic forest maze" thing, Twilight... This is just WEIRD. Are my wings really supposed to be in here somewhere?

Twilight Sparkle: Yep! The Traumalocation spell says they're somewhere nearby, but there's a lot of magical interference for some reason... We may have to find them by hoof.

Quest #2: A Mysterious Chest...?

Quest #2: A Mysterious Chest...?
"FOUND 'EM! See that shiny magical--looking chest right there? Something as awesome--looking as that has GOTTA have my wings inside it! Right? Right?!" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Approach the Chest...?
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 10 secs

0 XP

2,400 Bits

1 Gems


Quest Giver: Rainbow Dash
Ending text
"I mean, it IS a very magical--looking chest... This might be way easier than I thought...?"

Twilight Sparkle: Uh... I appreciate your enthusiasm, Rainbow Dash, but maybe we shouldn't jump to con--

Rainbow Dash: Open it! Open it, open it, OPEN IT!!! Mama needs a new pair of-- Well, the SAME pair of wings! But... like... AGAIN!!!

Quest #3: A Mysterious Chest!!!

Quest #3: A Mysterious Chest !
"Open it! Open it, open it, OPEN IT!!! Mama needs a new pair of-- Well, the SAME pair of wings! But... like... AGAIN!!!" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Open the Chest!
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 10 secs

0 XP

2,500 Bits

1 Gems


Quest Giver: Rainbow Dash
Ending text
"Yeah. Those... definitely aren't Rainbow Dash's wings. I don't know what I expected...?"

Rainbow Dash: WHAT. Why aren't my wings in here?! And... what IS in here, actually? I'm confused.

Twilight Sparkle: Me too... I think this is a spell that lets us summon other ponies into the maze to help us out...? It could be useful if we run into trouble, or need someone to ask for directions...

Quest #4: A Mysterious Minotaur!

Quest #4: A Mysterious Minotaur!
"Huh. Well, I'm not always super into asking for directions... but we may not even need a spell for that. We could just ask that minotaur guy over there! (Looks like Iron Will with a dye job...)" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Approach the Minotaur...?
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 10 secs

0 XP

3,000 Bits

1 Gems


Quest Giver: Rainbow Dash
Ending text
"Careful, guys... That minotaur guy doesn't look too friendly!"

Rainbow Dash: Hey, you! With the horns! Have you seen an EXTREMELY awesome pair of wings anywhere in this maze, or--

Minotaurocellus: GRAAH! I'm a minotaur! And minotaurs guard labyrinths!!!

Twilight Sparkle: Uh... Yes... we're aware. And it's a fascinating aspect of your culture, really, but if you don't mind--

Minotaurocellus: YOU are in my labyrinth!!! I MUST FIGHT YOU NOW!!!

Boss #1: Minotaurocellus

Boss HP: 450
Main Hero: Twilight Sparkle
Time: 1 minute
Fight Rewards

  • 500 Magic Coins
  • 20 Upgrade Tokens
  • 50 Maze EXP

The Team Power is recommended at 41 to defeat this boss, given that no helpers are active.

Minotaurocellus: Grah hah hah! I have defeated you! Now... FIGHT ME AGAIN!!! (This dialogue will show up if you didn't defeat him or have enough team power.)

Minotaurocellus: Gruhhh... I am defeated...

Twilight Sparkle: Uh... Yes? I guess you are... Does that make you any more likely to tell us where my friend's missing wings are, or--?

Minotaurocellus: Three unicorns have stolen the wings by magic! And they plan to melt them down into a potion! Which they will drink! In a RITUAL! To become ALICORNS!! Minotaur... AWAAAAAY!!!

Twilight Sparkle: Um. Bye...? Wow. That... doesn't sound good, does it, Rainbow D--

Rainbow Dash: NOPE. We gotta find those unicorns, beat 'em, and get my wings back before they finish the ritual! I can't believe I'm saying this, but... WE GOTTA ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!!!

Pony Squad

Twilight Sparkle: Ponies can only win fights so many times before they need a rest.

Twilight Sparkle: Each time a pony WINS a battle, this number decreases.

Twilight Sparkle: When the number hits zero, the pony will leave your Squad...

Twilight Sparkle: ...unless you upgrade them! Then, they can fight for you as many times as you want!

Twilight Sparkle: PLUS, upgraded ponies will appear in your Ponyville! Neat, huh?

Twilight Sparkle: Let's use your new Upgrade Token to upgrade a pony!

Twilight Sparkle: Amazing! It looks like you know everything there is to know about Pony Squads... I'm impressed!

Quest #5: Mysterious AND Marauding!

Quest #5: Mysterious AND Marauding!
"TBD" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Defeat the Minotaur!
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 10 secs

0 XP

3,300 Bits

2 Gems


Quest Giver: Twilight Sparkle
Ending text
"Whew! I guess that's a win... It's just... there's something weird about that minotaur, isn't there...?"

Quest #6: Which Way?

Quest #6: Which Way?
"Way ahead of you, Rainbow Dash! Before we use the spell we got from that chest, though... Maybe we should see if anyone in that shop over there can help? (I hope it's not full of minotaurs...)" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Approach the Mysterious Shop...?
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 10 secs

0 XP

3,600 Bits

1 Gems


Quest Giver: Twilight Sparkle
Ending text
"Okay... They haven't been attacked by any more minotaurs yet, so... So far, so good!"

Twilight Sparkle: Oh... look at this sign, here! "The guide-ponies at this agency have volunteered to lend their expertise and help YOU navigate this forest maze." Wow. That's... really convenient.

Quest #7: That's the Way!

Quest #7: That's the Way!
"Look at this sign, here! "The guide-ponies at this agency have volunteered to lend their expertise and help YOU navigate this forest maze." Wow. That's... really convenient. Let's take a look, I guess...?" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Check out the Guide Agency!
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 10 secs

0 XP

3,900 Bits

2 Gems


Quest Giver: Twilight Sparkle
Ending text
"This IS really convenient! Like... very suspiciously convenient. But still!"

(before completing this quest)

Twilight Sparkle: Okay: We can hire helper guide-ponies at shops like this, or summon them by opening chests... all of which will help if we run into any more minotaurs! I think I'm starting to get it...

Rainbow Dash: Ugh... Well, I'm not. Don't get me wrong; I'm pretty amazing at adventures, but this one has WAY too many fiddly little magical details...

Twilight Sparkle: Heh... Yeah, I guess it does. Don't worry, though; I've been taking notes this whole time -- so if you ever need a refresher on how things work here, you can take a look whenever you want!

Quest #8: It Pays to Be Thorough!

Quest #8: It Pays to Be Thorough!
"TBD" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Check out Twilight's notes!
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 10 secs

0 XP

4,000 Bits

2 Gems


Quest Giver: Twilight Sparkle
Ending text
"Wow, these are REALLY comprehensive... Leave it to Twilight, I guess!"

Rainbow Dash: All right... All right! This almost kinda mostly makes sense now! (Loving those diagrams...) Y'know, as far as weird magic maze exploration goes, we make a pretty great team!

Twilight Sparkle: Heehee... Thanks! Now, what do you say we go beat those three unicorns, stop that ritual, and get your wings back?

Rainbow Dash: WHOO! Now THAT'S the kinda spirit I'm talking about! LET'S GOOOO!

Quest #9: The Madness behind the Maze

Quest #9: The Madness behind the Maze
"I DON'T KNOW! But if SHE'S involved in all this, then... *gulp!* ... Somehow, we're gonna have to stop her, too. Let's just... warm up by beating this unicorn, first?" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Defeat Decepticolt!
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 33 hours

5 XP

4,400 Bits

2 Gems


Quest Giver: Rainbow Dash
Ending text
"So Cosmos is back... I don't remember much about her, other than how many delicious gems I got to eat to defeat her... It's a long story."

(When confronting Decepticolt)

Twilight Sparkle: HEY! You're one of the unicorns who took my friend's wings, aren't you? I need you to know just how FORBIDDEN the magic you're using is...!

Decepticolt: Forbidden? Who cares! You may be a princess, but you can't tell ME what to do. If you've got a problem, why don't you take it up with the freakish chaos beast instead of me?

Decepticolt: Y'know, the beast who taught us this AMAZING spell, and turned the woods into this crazy maze? ... I mean, it's not like we ASKED for the maze part -- but whatever; it's a nice touch.

Twilight Sparkle: "Freakish chaos beast"...? I know Discord wouldn't do this, but that only leaves... COSMOS?! But I thought we all trapped her on the moon! HOW DID SHE GET OFF THE MOON, RAINBOW DASH?!

  • Boss: Decepticolt
  • HP: ?
  • Recommended Team Power: 97
  • Fight Rewards
    • 700 Magic Coins
    • 10 Upgrade Tokens
    • 70 Maze EXP
    • Pony Reward: Decepticolt (2 Wins, 22 TP)

(After defeating Decepticolt)

Decepticolt: Urk! B-but... Cosmos! She was supposed to back me up... Why didn't she back me up?!

Twilight Sparkle: Because she's terrible, that's why! And if you're going to learn ONE lesson about how to handle extradimensional magical beings, I hope that's it! Let's go, Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah... Uh, are we gonna have to fight Cosmos later, though? I mean, I can definitely DO that -- but I should probably start psyching myself up early!


"And it's not something you can STEAL from somepony, either! I was born with those wings, and they're a super important part of my life -- and I want 'em back!" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Defeat (Princess) Zappityhoof!
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 30.25 hours

6 XP

5,000 Bits

3 Gems


Quest Giver: Twilight Sparkle
Ending text
"HAH! Take THAT, Not-Going-to-Be-a-Princess-Anymore Zappityhoof! (Good thing I'll only have to say THAT once...)"
  • NOTE: The quest giver was actually Rainbow Dash when she said that "I was born with those wings," Twilight Sparkle didn't say that.

Minotaur #1

  • Rewards:
    • 750 Magic Coins
    • 75 Maze EXP

(When confronting Zappityhoof)

Zappityhoof: HEY! Why can't you two just leave us alone?! With that pegasus's wings and our magic powers, WE can become alicorns, too! I can be PRINCESS Zappityhoof!

Zappityhoof: It's not fair that ponies like you get to hog all the poweor and glory! What's the harm in sacrificing ONE pair of pegasus wings?

Twilight Sparkle: W-what?! Look, you can't just use a magical spell to become an alicorn! It takes YEARS of study, and training, and hardship! It's not something I or anypony should take lightly!

Boss: Zappityhoof

  • Recommended Team Power: 180
  • Fight Rewards
    • 900 Magic Coins
    • 10 Upgrade Tokens
    • 90 Maze EXP
    • Pony Reward: Zappityhoof

(After defeating Zappityhoof)

Zappityhoof: NOOOOO! My future nobility! This was my one chance to wear a sparkly tiara and make it work, you guys! My ONE CHANCE!

Rainbow Dash: ... Yeeeeah, I'm not even gonna try and talk about whatever's going on with you. You good to keep going, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah... Yeah. I think I'm good.

Quest #11: Goldcap Goes Down!

Quest #11: Goldcap Goes Down!
"*sigh* Well, I guess we're gonna have to fight her WITHOUT the element of surprise, now... Maybe I should just cast a camouflage spell on us for the rest of this adventure." Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards

Defeat Goldcap!
Skip: unskippable Gems

1 Time
Task Time: 29.33 hours

7 XP

6,000 Bits

3 Gems


Quest Giver: Twilight Sparkle
Ending text
"That's a thief down, and... who knows how many more to go? Poor Rainbow Dash... I don't know what I'd do if somepony stole my li'l fangies!"

(When confronting Goldcap)

Twilight Sparkle: (Ack! Get down, Rainbow Dash! See that unicorn over there? She's one of the ponies who took your wings! I hope this doesn't mean they're all done with the ritual yet...)

Rainbow Dash: (WHAT?! Well, what are we waiting for! Let's GET HER!) HEY, YOU! YEAH, YOU THIEVIN' UNICORN-- (Oof!)

Goldcap: WAUGH! Oh... heh! It's just you -- that sucker pegasus whose wings we "borrowed"! Did you trip up 'cause you forgot you're wingless now? Heh heh...

Boss: Goldcap

  • Recommended Team Power: 255
  • Fight Rewards
    • 1050 Magic Coins
    • 10 Upgrade Tokens
    • 105 Maze EXP
    • Pony Reward: Goldcap

(After defeating Goldcap)

Rainbow Dash: Go on; cough 'em up! Where are my wings?! Wait... this unicorn doesn't have them either?!

Rainbow Dash: But that means... Oh no. COSMOS must have them! Wow. Good thing I started psyching myself up all those battles ago...

Twilight Sparkle: I'll say... We'll need all the spirit we've got if we're gonna get them back from someone as scary as her!

Milestone #1: A Cosmic Catastrophe!

Milestone #1: A Cosmic Catastrophe!
"You know: set some power-hungry unicorns against their princess, brainwash some Changelings into thinking they're minotaurs, turn the Everfree Forest into a labyrinth... and DESTROY you for good!" Defeat Cosmos! Rewards

(TBD Gems replacement)
Quest giver: Cosmos Task Time: 25.667 hours
Ending text
"Urgh... I'm dizzy! I've never been good at solving mazes, but I'm glad Twilight and Rainbow Dash got out -- and with their wings attached!"

(When confronting Cosmos)

Rainbow Dash: Th- that potion over there! D-don't tell me... ARE MY WINGS IN THERE?! How does that even WORK?! I NEED my WINGS, Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: I-it's okay, Rainbow Dash! I promise! You can drink the potion, and your wings will grow back right away! I'll just... cross this suspiciously peaceful forest meadow...

Cosmos: AHAHAHAHAHAAA! THERE you are! Although I thought I'd get the pegasus ALONE by stealing what she loves most -- I guess today I'll be defeating two ponies with one stone!

Cosmos: Ever since you insects trapped me on the moon, I've been PAINSTAKINGLY scraping together enough magic to return... But even in this weakened state, I can still sow SOME malice...

Boss: Cosmos

  • Recommended Team Power: 296
  • Fight Rewards
    • 7,500 Magic Coins
    • 10 Upgrade Tokens
    • 120 Maze EXP
    • Character Reward: Cosmos

(When Cosmos is defeated)

Cosmos: NnrrRRRAAAUUGH!!! I-- Okay, okay, calm down, Cosmos. This is simply a MOMENTARY setback! I'll return; you'll see -- I still have five out of six little ponies to make MISERABLE!

Rainbow Dash: And STAY OUT, ya creep! Ahhh, my precious li'l wingies -- how I missed you! I finally feel like myself again... and I gotta thank you for sticking by my side, Twi'!

Twilight Sparkle: What are friends for, Dash? I'm happy you feel whole again, but... we need to get back to Ponyville and warn everyone that Cosmos is back! This could only be the beginning...

(When this limited-time story ended)

Ocellus: Ooogh... Wh-what just happened? I had this weird dream that I met a strange, magical creature... who convinced me it'd be an amazingly great idea to guard a labyrinth...?

Twilight Sparkle: Good morning, Ocellus! Er... for better or worse, that's exactly what happened. Sorry we had to fight you earlier. I PROMISE it was for a really good cause!

Ocellus: Oh... well, that's okay, then! It's too bad I wasn't quite in my right mind... If anything like that happens again, I'd love to help!

Pony Squad Characters

There are a lot of characters available from chests, guide posts, or secret shops in this event. Characters found in secret shops can be purchased for Magic Coins. If you already have the character in one of your towns, they will be automatically upgraded - this includes any characters purchased with Gems or Bits during the event. Any character you upgrade with Upgrade Tokens will be added to your inventory to be welcomed.

Name Usual gem cost Cost in coins Power
8-Bit 500 18
Agent Sweetie Drops 40
Alice 400 9
Ancient Dragon Lord 27
Ancient Villager Pony 750 10
Announcer Pony 27
Anti-Sugar Drummer 33
Anugyptian Retainer 14000 118
Aunt Holiday 33
Autumn Blaze 36
Bearded Hollowvian 3500 40
Blue Bobbin 44
Bird Whisperer Pony 9
Bon Bon 200 11
Blackthorn 47
Blue Bobbin 44
Brusque Innkeeper 9
Buckskin Forest Guard 40
Butternut 10
Canterlot Baker 27
Captain Celaeno 106
Cattail 11
Cauldron Bubbles 18
Changeling Counselor 500 18
Changelingverse Fluttershy 40
Changelingverse Pinkie Pie 44
Chaos Roadhouse Sentry 30
Charcoal Dragon 400 9
Charming Hippogriff 30
Cheery Zebra 10000 100
Cherry Blossom 20
Chestnut Forest Guard 40
Chipper Hollowvian 11
Cleopatrot's Mummy 30
Cloud Chaser 400 10
Coiffed Waiter Pony 9000 113
Collected Kirin 33
Cool Kirin 400 11
Cosmos 999
Cotton Candy Colt 200 11
Cranky Doodle 40
Cutting-Edge Shop-Pony 40
Decepticolt 22
Diamante Elegante 44
Dignified Shop-Pony 36
Disguised Celestia 20
Doctor Horse 44
Dr. Caballeron 7500 60
Drinkie Pie 18
Earnest Klugetowner 1000 18
Enraptured Fanfilly 400 10
Essence Salespony 11
Fauxlestia's Guard 10000 105
Feather Bangs 500 3900 67
Flash Magnus 700 30
Flutterbat 11
Fluttershy 13
Filly Marble Pie 280 9
Florina Tart 3600 27
Frankenstag's Monster 650 27
Future Big Mac 44
Future Diamond Tiara 40
Future Scootaloo 44
Future Sweetie Belle 36
Gaffer 9
Garble 200 10
Giddy Fanfilly 400 9
Gifted Schoolpony 107
Glenda 600 22
Goldcap 42
Golden Gavel 33
Greta 4000 40
Gustave le Grand 36
Heritage Baker Pony 9
High Heel 30
Historical Bookshop Pony 270 9
Honorable Flim 22
Hoops 30
Horwitz 600 18
Humble Trixie 36
Imperial Alchemist Pony 600 22
Imperial Colt 300 9
Imperial Guardspony 400 11
Inky Rose 40
Ivy Fluttershy 44
Jargon 14500 120
Jokester Pinkie 36
Kerfuffle 20
Knightly Pony 40
Lavender Dragon 600 33
Lily Lace 36
Limestone Pie 320 30
Louise 500 75
Lunaverse Rainbow Dash 22
Lunaverse Rarity 18
Mage Meadowbrook 36
Magenta Townspony 10
Mane Allgood 30
Matilda 44
Mayor Sunny Skies 22
Mean Applejack 6200 85
Mean Fluttershy 30
Mean Pinkie Pie 650 33
Mean Rarity 5700 93
Messy Stallion 600 27
Metamorphosed Worker 450 10
Minotaurocellus (teal) 10
Minotaurocellus (blue) 6500 50
Minotaurocellus (yellow) 9500 90
Minotaurocellus (red) 8100 103
Minotaurocellus (purple) 11500 112
Mistmane's Mother 400 9
Mr. Hoofington 18
Muffins 250 10
Mustache Crystal Pony 600 33
Neat-Maned Townspony 9
Night Glider 125 2700 36
Nirik Autumn Blaze 6150 100
Novice Archaeologist 40
Ocellus's Brother 375 10
Outdoorsy Somnambulan 20
Party Favor 90 25
Periwinkle Townspony 11
Pickle Barrel 18
Poindexter 10
Poofy-Maned Schoolpony 300 10
Prehistoric Pony 40
Prideful Griffon Racer 30
Prim EEA Official 500 20
Queen Haydon 27
Quill 27
Radiant Hope 500 22
Ragamuffin 27
Rainbow Bite 11000 108
Rainbow Harmony 20
Rainbow the Flying Reindeer 20
Rookie Archaeologist 13000 115
Rookie Griffon Racer 33
Royal Legionnaire 500 22
Sable Spirit 117
Safari Pony 500 20
Sandbar's Sister 11
Scales 11
Scoop 33
Sea Swirl 8500 102
Serious Buffalo 18000 140
Slick Waiter Pony 19000 117
Smiley Somnambulan 20
Smoky Jr. 30
Softpad 36
Sombraverse Trooper 8700 109
Spitfire 30
Spoiled Rich 5200 86
Stratus Skyranger 44
Sunshower Raindrops 500 22
Tall Innkeeper 20
Terramar 8200 98
The Dark Horse 27
The Olden Pony 700 30
Toola Roola 450 15
Trendy Backup Dancer 500 20
Trendy Hype Pony 300 11
Trim EEA Official 550 22
Twilight Sparkling 10
Urtica 600 20
Wise Muffins 40
Yona's Grandmother 11
Zappityhoof 32


This event does not have a community section.


  • Due to issues after launch, the event was pulled on May 24, 2021. An announcement was made to relaunch on a later date.
  • On Quest #10: PRINCESS ZAPPITYHOOF, Rainbow Dash was supposed to be saying the intro, which Twilight Sparkle couldn’t have said, as she was not born with wings.


  • There was a glitch that crashed the app when tapping on the Community tab in this limited-time story. The Community tab was removed in the June 18, 2021 update.
  • The first task was not able to bring you to the character/location to start the story without Maze Dungeon. This was later fixed in the June 18, 2021 update.
  • Instead of showing wingless Rainbow Dash as the Quest Giver for the first Quest, It shows unicorn Twilight Sparkle instead.