Normal Scroll

The Menu Scroll's normal appearance.

The Menu Scroll was part of the game interface allowing access to various game features. Similar to the Quest Log, its appearance was changed to celebrate various holidays.

In Update 3.5, the Scroll was removed as part of the UI overhaul. Features previously available in the Scroll are now scattered around the screen - more details can be found below.

Since the windows version never updates and is still on the Crystal Mine Update, the Menu Scroll is still present in that version of the game.


The Menu Scroll allowed access to the following features.

Post-Update 3.5

With the removal of the Scroll, the features above have been relocated.

  • The Social, Leaderboards, Elements and Gift Code features are now available in the Profile screen, accessible by tapping the XP bar on the upper-left corner.
  • The Settings button takes the place of the Scroll. The Gameloft Connect options have also been included in the Settings, having their own section.
  • The Edit button replaces the Inventory button in the lower-right corner, but now also allows the player to view their inventory and place items.
  • The Trophies feature has been removed.

Old Features

  • The Menu Scroll used to allow access to the Store as well, but that function was moved to its own button.
  • The Album was included in the Scroll until Update 2.4 added Collections to replace it.
  • GL Live was in the Menu Scroll before getting removed in Update 2.6 from all regions.


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