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The Lyra and Bon Bon Save Hearth's Warming Limited-Time Story was first held on December 20th, 2017 in Update 4.1 to celebrate the year's Hearth's Warming Eve (the MLP equivalent of Christmas). This is by far the shortest Limited-Time Story ever held, with only 3 quests, 3 boss stages and 2 leaderboards running for 7 days.

It is held again on December 1st, 2018 to December 8th, 2018.

Solo quests

Lyra and Bon Bon Save Hearth's Warming Time limit
7 days
Quest #1 Quest #2 Quest #3 Boss #1 Boss #2 Boss #3
The Mare Who Knew Too Much Mission: Improbable Live and Let Pie On Celestia's Secret Service

Quest #1: The Mare Who Knew Too Much

Lyra: Happy almost-Hearth's-Warming-Eve, Bon Bon! Sorry it took so long for me to get here, but I had some cookies in the oven, and--


Lyra: ... Um.

Bon Bon: (Not so loud! We can't risk being overheard -- not in the middle of a Code Mauve!)

Lyra: (Code Mauve...? Wait -- is this S.M.I.L.E. business!? I'm happy to be part of Equestria's premier monster-hunting secret agency and all -- but don't we get holidays off?)

Bon Bon: (The Mares of S.M.I.L.E. are ALWAYS ready for action, Agent Heartstrings... Unless they've given the HR department at LEAST a week's notice that they're taking a personal day!)

The Mare Who Knew Too Much
"(Anyway, we can't talk here. This location could be compromised! Sneak out the back way and meet me in the bowling alley's stockroom in 30 minutes. Our contact should be there...)" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards
Send Bon Bon to a secret meeting in the Bowling Alley.

Skip: 3 Gem

1 time

Task time: 30 seconds

+180 Star
+3 Gem
Quest giver: Bon Bon Send Lyra to a secret meeting in the Bowling Alley.

Skip: 3 Gem

1 time

Task time: 30 seconds

+1,350 Bit
+100 Timey Wimey Device
Closing text
"S.M.I.L.E.... Sh-should I even know about all this? It seems kinda secret... I mean, I won't actually TELL anypony, but still!"

Quest #2: Mission: Improbable

Lyra: All right, Bon Bon... I made it! I don't think I was followed, but-- Wait. What's Dr. Hooves doing here?Wasn't he supposed to be tuning up Ponyville's clock tower today?

Dr. Hooves: Heh. Funny thing, that... The fact is, I've been somewhat remiss in my official timekeeping duties as of late, due to a certain... Well, you could call it a SIDE project, of sorts--

Bon Bon: ...a time machine. He invented a time machine.

Dr. Hooves: Yes! And given the season, I felt my first temporal jaunt should be to the birthplace of Hearth's Warming itself! Where unicorn, pegasus and Earth pony alike united to defeat--

Bon Bon: ...the windigos. He accidentally opened a time portal that SUCKED ALL THE WINDIGOS FROM THE FIRST HEARTH'S WARMING INTO THE PRESENT.

Lyra: WHAT!? But... without the windigos to bring them together... the three pony tribes would never have united! Hearth's Warming wouldn't even EXIST!!!

Dr. Hooves: ... Ah. Relatedly: All of Equestria MIGHT be engulfed by a colossal time paradox if the windigos aren't returned to their origin. An easy enough task, provided I was able to... ahem... find them.

Mission: Improbable
"*sigh* ... Furlong and the other agents are on assignment in Saddle Arabia, and THIS dingus has to fix his time machine. It's up to us, Lyra... We have to find those monsters and SAVE HEARTH'S WARMING!" Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards
Send Bon Bon to check her secret magical surveillance footage at home.

Skip: 4 Gem

1 time

Task time: 2 minutes

+120 Star
+1 Gem
Quest giver: Bon Bon Send Lyra to look for witnesses.

Skip: 5 Gem

1 time

Task time: 2 minutes

+2,000 Bit
+100 Timey Wimey Device
Closing text
"Wow. I... uh... I REALLY shouldn't know about this. I'll just... be over there, NOT paying attention to this REALLY secret undercover operation...?"

Quest #3: Live and Let Pie

Lyra: This is Agent Heartstrings reporting in -- requesting an update on your latest round of windigo surveillance; over. (... Did I say that right? I've been practicing.)

Bon Bon: You don't have to say "over" when you're right here in front of me... but good effort! And I DID find out something important...

Bon Bon: Those magical security cameras I set up around town really paid off -- I spotted a BUNCH of other ponies that look like they're from the past!

Bon Bon: That glitch in Dr. Hooves's time machine must have been bigger than we thought. We"ll have to send THEM back where they came from, too -- before the timeline gets tied into knots!

Lyra: Uh... We might have to wait to do that, Bon Bon. While I was out looking for clues, I heard a few ponies mention some kind of "cold, scary wind-ponies" attacking the Pie family farm...

Live and Let Pie
"Either those are the windigos, or I'm a parasprite! Good recon work, Lyra -- I'll follow up with the Pies for more details. *sigh* ... We'ra gonna have to Ref Def a LOT of ponies when all this is over..." Task/Skip Task requirement Rewards
Send Bon Bon to interview Pinkie Pie about the monster sighting.

Skip: 5 Gem

1 time

Task time: 5 minutes

+150 Star
+1 Gem
Quest giver: Bon Bon +850 Bit
+200 Timey Wimey Device
Closing text
"(What's a "Ref Def"...?) Uh -- NEVER MIND! Not paying attention to ANY of this! I promise!!!"

Boss stages: On Celestia's Secret Service

Stage #1

Pinkie Pie: HI BON BON!!! To what do I owe this AMAZING pleasure!? Joke-telling sessions? Caramarshmallow sprinkle cupcake recipe swap? OOH -- or do you want to sit on a BENCH with me?!

Bon Bon: What!? No! Uh... I mean, benches are kind of me and Lyra's thing... I just wanted to talk to you about something... um... something VERY NORMAL.

Bon Bon: You see, there's these windi-- I MEAN weather balloons. FIlled with swamp gas... shaped like giant frozen ponies that feed on intolerance. I was... wondering if you saw them anywhere?

Pinkie Pie: Oh, you mean THOSE swamp-gas-filled weather balloons shaped like giant intolerance ponies! That's EASY. They're right behind you!!!

Bon Bon: ... Hoo, boy.

Bon Bon: Lyra -- over here! We have to subdue the windigos together... otherwise, Dr. Hooves will NEVER be able to send them back to the past! Remember your training -- and let's DO THIS!

Boss stage #1
Guaranteed Reward
Screenshot 20171220-235340
Decorated Pie Family Farm/50 Gem
Limited-Time Reward Lyra and Bon Bon Windigo (600 HP)
Marble Pie (Adult)/50 Gem Maud Pie (Hotel pony/180 Gem) Limestone Pie (Adult) (250 Gem/$6 with 20 Gem bonus) Power Time/Skip
Time limit Power: +20 Power: +30 40 3 hours
1 day 12 hours (36 hours) 40 Gem
  • Collections needed:
    • Without any helpers: 15 (42 hours to beat time limit, impossible without spending Gem)
    • With Maud Pie: 10 (27 hours, only 3 collections can be missed)
    • With Limestone Pie (Adult): 9 (24 hours, only 4 collections can be missed)
    • With Maud Pie & Limestone Pie (Adult): 6 (15 hours, 7 collections can be missed)

Stage #2

Bon Bon: The Hearth's Warming decorations -- they're back! It's working!!! The better we are at reining those windigos in, the more we keep history the way it's supposed to--


Bon Bon: YIPE!!! It's that pony I saw on my surveillance footage! And he's... Is he just clearing his throat really loudly, or are those actual words?

Lyra: Oh my gosh... that's Rockhoof!!! The legendary Earth pony from old Equestria! I guess since Dr. Hooves used science instead of magic to bring him here, he's still speaking Old Ponish...


Lyra: Hold on -- I took Ancient Languages 101 in college. It's a really weird dialect, but... I THINK he's saying he'll fight alongside us if we prove ourselves worthy, first...?

Bon Bon: Rockhoof... You may not know how to use your inside voice, but you're a pony after my own heart!

Boss stage #2
Guaranteed Reward
Screenshot 20171222-133506
Mighty Helm's Training Yard/50 Gem
Limited-Time Reward Lyra and Bon Bon Windigo (980 HP)
Rockhoof Ancient Villager Pony (Hotel pony/750 Gem) Mighty Helm Guardspony (1,200 Gem/$8 with 40 Gem bonus) Power Time/Skip
Time limit Power: +20 Power: +30 40 3 hours
2 days (48 hours) 40 Gem

Stage #3

Boss stage #3
Guaranteed Reward
Screenshot 20171225-232950
Windigo Trap
Limited-Time Reward Lyra and Bon Bon Windigo (1600 HP)
Reformed Windigo Flash Magnus (700 Gem/$10 with 50 Gem bonus) Commander Ironhead (1,200 Gem/$8) Power Time/Skip
Time limit Power: +35 Power: +35 40 3 hours
3 days (72 hours) 40 Gem
Closing text
"THEY'RE WINNING! WOOHOOO!!! THEY -- I MEAN -- I WASN'T LOOKING! I wasn't! I... Aaah, nuts. You got me -- I was watching this whole time!"


Leaderboard #1

Leaderboard #1 Time limit: 4 days
1st prize (1-100) Assign characters to complete tasks and earn: Timey Wimey Device.
Wintry Lab Twilight Sparkle (5 tokens) Pinkie Pie (10 tokens) Mr. Paleo + Bookstore (25 tokens) Royal Legionnaire (500 Gem/$5, 25 tokens) Decorated Yak (on sale for 450 Gem, 100 tokens)
2nd prize (101-500)
Hearth's Warming Fire
3rd prize (501-1,000) 15 minutes 4 hours 3 hours (task time) (task time)
10 Gem

Leaderboard #2

Leaderboard #2 Time limit: 3 days
1st prize (1-100) Assign characters to complete tasks and earn: Star Maps.
Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past Apple Bloom (5 tokens) Sweetie Belle (7 tokens) Winsome Schoolpony (on sale for 75 Gem, 8 tokens) Judgy Clerk Pony (on sale for 90 Gem, 12 tokens) Elite Pony (on sale for 135 Gem, 12 tokens)
2nd prize (101-500)
Long Shot
3rd prize (501-1,000) 4 hours 3 hours 30 minutes 2 hours 2 hours 1 hour 45 minutes
10 Gem
  • The Star Map tokens and earning tasks are reused from the 2nd leaderboard of the Story of a Storm Limited-Time Story, but with changes in task times.

Total rewards

Guaranteed prizes (for completing the whole event)

Limited-Time Rewards

Leaderboard prizes



  • This is the first Limited-Time Story to not include any token-collection checkpoints or long waiting quests.
  • This is also the first LTS to feature a boss fight with time limits that are impossible to beat without skipping the cooldown time or acquiring helpers.
  • This is the second LTS (and the third big event overall) to reuse community leaderboard tokens and/or character tasks from a previous event, after the revived Stranger than Fanfiction event and the To Change a Changeling LTS (which also made its debut in Update 4.1).
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