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Lord Tirek
The Renders of Lord Tirek in his final form.
The Renders of Lord Tirek in his final form.
TownEverfree Forest
Quest tasks
"The Long Trot to War"EF
"T-I-R-E-K Spells Trouble!"EF
"Tirek's Tantrum!"EF
"Check Yourself, Before You Ti-WRECK Yourself!"EF
School Raze
Tale of Tirek
Mentioned in quests
"SpitFIRE it Up!"EF
"Prepared Ponies Prevail!"EF
"This'll Be a Breeze!"EF
"Totem Time!"EF
"You Can't Beat a Treat This Sweet!"EF
"We're Not Gonna Be Caught with Our Manes Down!"EF
Lord Tirek on the MLP:FiM wiki

Lord Tirek is the main antagonist of the show's two-part season four finale. His files are found inside the game in the version 2.0.0. He only appears at some quests.


After you free the Tree of Harmony from the Plunderweeds and discover the Chest of Harmony, Tirek appears in 4 different quests where you must battle him within a time limit. Whether if you must beat him 3 times, 4 times, 5 times and finally 6 times, you must complete the quests within a given time limit. If Tirek cannot be beaten before the time runs out, the counter will be reset and you'll lose the progress you've made.

His idle animations include crossing his arms and laughing, and roaring.

Tirek also appears as one of the Changelings' disguises in the Changeling Kingdom. His first form is a boss in the School Raze event, while his third form is the boss of Tale of Tirek.

Defeating Tirek

To defeat Tirek a number of times, you must use your Elemental Shards on him. You have to do this 4 times with each quest.

However, unlike Plunderseeds, Snapping Plants, Parasprites, Vampire Fruit Bats and Changlings, to defeat Tirek, you must use 5 shards each!

It is currently unknown how many shards it will take to defeat Tirek because nobody knows how many shards you'll need. So just to be safe, raise your Shard Amounts to 1,000. That way, you'll have enough to defeat him.

The first time you face off with Tirek, you have to defeat him 3 times with Laughter, Generosity and Honesty Shards. You need to use Laughter Shards, Generosity Shards and Honesty Shards.


There is a inside the game files along the background, mirroring the events of the season 4 finale and being the first boss to be fought in a minigame.

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