Honey Stand

Honey Stand

Honey Stand Store LockedHoney Stand Store Unlocked
Honey Stand in the store.
Left: locked; right: unlocked.

TownSweet Apple Acres
Build Time16h 40m
Build Skip25 Gem
Build Reward90 Star
Sell RewardInventory
Collection Reward
250 Gem
Honey Bowl
Honey Bowl
15h 16m 40s
Profit XP
460 Bit 90 Star
23 Gem
Shard spawn rate (max: )
Nothing Laughter Shard Honesty Shard Generosity Shard Kindness Shard Loyalty Shard Magic Shard
Other Info
Update Added2.3
Shop TypePromotion/Collection Shop
Honey Stand is a shop in Sweet Apple Acres that produce Honey Bowl. It was available to buy for 800 Sapphire during Battle with Dragons event and was reintroduced as Little Buddies collection reward in v2.4 update. It used to be unlocked at level 31 before reduced to level 10.

However, this shop is unavaliable in the Store From Update 3.3.

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