Golden Horseshoe Hotel

Golden Horseshoe Hotel

Golden Horseshoe Hotel Rooms

Golden Horseshoe Hotel Store Locked Golden Horseshoe Hotel Store Unlocked
Golden Horseshoe Hotel in the Store
Left: locked; right: unlocked.

Where you get ponies for completing tasks.
Update Added 3.2
Town Ponyville
Level 15
Size 6x6
Build Time Immediate
Build Skip N/A
Build Reward 0 Star
Sell Reward Unsellable
1,000 Bit
Ponies that entered the Hotel
Permanent Hoofer Steps
Tender Taps
Mrs. Shy
8 Day Time Limit Tree Hugger
7 Day Time Limit

Zephyr Breeze
Mr. Shy
Coriander Cumin
Saffron Masala
Zesty Gourmand
Mr. Paleo
Willful Lighting Tech
Retro Applejack

5 Day Time Limit Saddle Arabia Stallion
Cheerful Rodeo Clown
Fun-Loving Trainee
Pirate Pinkie Pie
4 Day Time Limit Griffon Shopkeeper
Diamond Tiara
Tenacious Yak
3 Day Time Limit Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past
Doctor Pony
Peachy Pie

The Golden Horseshoe Hotel is a building that is unlocked in Ponyville. You can unlock ponies such as Tender Taps and Hoofer Steps along with their houses by completing requirements or buying them with gems Gem. Some ponies that can be unlocked at the Golden Horseshoe Hotel have a timer and will disappear if you don't complete the requirements or pay the Gems Gem. The requirements that you can be given are to bring a certain amount of items , Bits Bit, or shards they can also be to build décor or shops. Some ponies also require the player to meet certain requirements in the various minigames, such as the Crystal Mine Game.


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