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Glitter Pony

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Glitter Pony Album Page.

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Glitter Pony in the inventory.

Finally fulfilling her dream of taking center stage.
Playable Yes
Town Ponyville
Arrival Bonus 90 XP
House Earnest Cottage
Minigame Timer 7h
Minigame Skip 11 Gems
Nightmare Night What's Hot Reward
More Info
Update Added ?
Milestone Helper
Boss Helper
Community Helper
Pro Character
Glitter Pony on the MLP:FiM wiki

Glitter Pony is a mare that lives in Forsythia's House in Ponyville with Forsythia.

She was a reward for the Nightmare Night What's Hot. She was also the main price for the Equestria Girls Mini-Game Social event during the week (February 3 to 10 of 2019).

Update Added Update 3.1 Nightmare Night Quick Update
Album Description Glitter Pony Album Description.png
Price Change History Update 3.1 NN Quick Update: What's Hot Reward

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