A gem coming out of a Harmony Stone

Gems Gem are the premium currency in My Little Pony. They are by far the most difficult to obtain and as a result are the most valuable!

Obtaining Gems



Ponyville Daily Bonus

The screen shown when collecting each of the five daily bonuses.

Gems can be obtained through:

  • Attaining new levels (1-3 Gem, depending on the level )
  • Purchase through the in-game store for real money. After so many purchases, you receive a bonus amount of free Gems (see photo showing "Thank you for your purchase!" at left).
  • Received through watching ads in the in-game store or promotion actions from Tapjoy (depends on OS used)
  • Received from daily rewards if you play every day (Day 4 rewards 1 Gem, Day 5, 2 Gem)
  • Found in Balloon Pop games in small, random amounts. (Prior to the Lord Tirek update, they could only be found in the non-free games.)
  • Dropped occasionally by Derpy when she is tapped. (The sooner you find her the better the chance she'll drop a gem.)
  • Rewarded through some quests (more common in the Canterlot quests)
  • Dropped randomly from defeated pests such as Parasprites, Vampire Fruit Bats, or Changelings.
  • Spending Element Shards on an activated Harmony Stone can result in a Gem. 1 or 2 Gem
  • As a reward from the Crystal Mine Game.
  • When offline for a few days.
  • Some shops produce gems in addition to bits, such as Balloon Shop, Weather Factory, and Houseplant Shop
  • Adding Friends who have not yet reached Level 10, because for every Invited Player you add, you'll get Gems whenever they reach a certain level.
  • Depending on what the Gift Codes are, it is possible to gain Gems from them.


Gems have a variety of uses including:

  • Instantly completing timers for shops, buildings, obstacles, playing with ponies etc.
  • Purchasing special characters, decor and buildings (prices vary heavily)
  • Skipping certain quests/tasks
  • Playing the Balloon Pop Game for 20 Gem (also buying additional pops in each version of Balloon Pop).
  • Playing the pony minigames with the highest experience modifier (5 Gem)
  • Purchasing the highest percentage increase in the Equestria Girls minigame (additional 8% bonus for 2 Gem), also resulting in the most transformed look for the selected Mane Six pony.
  • Alternative option for buying expansions instead of bits (price increases for each expansion regardless)

Characters and items obtainable via gems:


  • In the Amazon Underground Version of the game, a small quantity of gems can be saved towards the beginning of the game by ignoring Spike's demand to be fed a gem to speed up building times. After the timer completes, this message will go away and you will still have those hard earned gems!
  • Do not buy decorations such as water towers, windmill, statues, etc.; the second tier (Hearts Heart) of the Balloon Pop game will reward them in vast (unusable [there isn't much room or reason to have 10X water towers]) quantities later on in the game.
  • Many tasks which require an item to be purchased for gems can instead be skipped for fewer gems than the item(s) would cost. For example, Fancypants costs 50 Gem, but skipping all quest tasks related to him only costs 10 Gem total, and the Wonderbolts Statue costs 36 Gem while skipping related tasks only costs 11 Gem.
  • Skipping costs for timers or tasks do not change at all no matter the progress. If you want to pay that cost for something, do it early. An exception is in the Equestria Girls mini-game; the cost to restart a song decreases in relation to the wait time left.
  • Changelings provide a nearly consistent chance of receiving Gems when defeated. Thus it is recommended that if possible to create a Gem Farm.
  • If you're good at the Equestria Girls mini-game, don't use Gems to buy any of the ponies you can win from it. It will take a while to get them all, but it's cheaper in the long run. Whenever possible, use Bits to buy the non-Gem ponies you can win to better your chances at getting a Gem pony.
  • Aside from using Gift Codes to help you collect Gems, you can try adding friends for the Invited Players feature. But make sure that the friends you add are starting out the game at Level 0 or higher before they reach Level 10 or you won't get any of the Gems they collect.
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