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According to Rarity, Fancypants is the most important pony in Canterlot, and he can often be found with a readily agreeable entourage.
Playable Yes
Level 1
Town Ponyville
Arrival Bonus 60 XP
Residence Fancypants' Mansion
Minigame Timer 140m (2h 20m)
Minigame Skip 4 Gems
16 monocle tokens
(formerly) 50 Gems
Equestria Girls Equestria Girls mini-game
Involved in quests
"Fancypants in Town"P
"Old Pony, New Tricks"P
More Info
Update Added ?
Milestone Helper
Boss Helper
Community Helper
Pro Character
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
Lucky Coin Buttons Gems Ribbons Gems
Fancypants on the MLP:FiM wiki

Fancy Pants is a very important pony. Whereas he lives in Canterlot in the show, in-game he lives in Ponyville.


DJ Pon-3, Fancypants (with a cost of 100 Gems), and Flam in the shop in the first released version of the game.

Fancypants was one of the characters available in the beta version of My Little Pony presented at My Little Pony Project 2012 New York. He was shown walking around Ponyville.

Fancypants currently costs 16 monocles; when the game was first released, he cost 100 Gems, and was later dropped to 70 Gems in the Movie Time Update then back to 50 Gems in the 2013 Christmas Update. You can also win him from the Equestria Girls mini-game.


High Society

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