The Everfree Forest is a location released on 11 Dec 2014 in the Everfree Forest update. It contains Zecora's Hut, Mane Six Campsite, the Tree of Harmony and the Castle of the Two Sisters. Players can unlock Everfree forest at level 19.

It is not possible to construct any buildings or decor in this area.


Everfree Forest has notably different zone expansion model than other areas. You are only allowed to expand along certain paths and each expansion zone has its own expansion cost independed on the amount of expansions you bought earlier. Note that the wooden bridge near the Tree of Harmony and Tree Sap ingredient can't "be crossed", you must follow the other path leading from the Zecora's Hut to get to the other side. Some paths are blocked by obstacles for which you will get quests that will require you to clear them before you can advance past them.

In the show and on the world overview map, the forest is shown bordering Ponyville to the south. It is parallel to the Changeling Kingdom.


Enemies in the Everfree Forest include Plunderseed Vines (both as roots and as maws) and Cragadiles. They only spawn whenever you expand into a new area. To defeat them, use Element Shards, and you may earn Bits or Gems.


Ingredients for Zecora's Hut can be found here. Up to five of each ingredient can be collected.

Ingredient Recharge time Gems to skip
Red Orchid 2:24:00 4
Purple Mushrooms 2:24:00 4
Joke Plant 3:00:00 5
Garlic 9:00:00 14
Black Iris 9:00:00 14
Sticky Sap 5:00:00 8




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