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Eclair Crème

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Underneath Eclair Crème's sweet exterior is a pony who yearns for stories of adventure and intrigue from outside Equestria.
Playable Yes
Level 30
Town Canterlot
Arrival Bonus 55 XP
Residence Eclair Crème's Loft
Minigame Timer 225m (3h 45m)
Minigame Skip 6 Gems
Event Prize
200 Gems
Royal Balloon Pop Balloon Pop
More Info
Update Added ?
Milestone Helper
Boss Helper
Community Helper
Pro Character
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
Pins Wheels Twines Ribbons Gems
Eclair Crème on the MLP:FiM wiki

Eclair Crème is an earth pony who lives in Eclair Crème's Loft in Canterlot. She was added as a time-limited character on January 16, 2015, at a discount of 25% (150 Gems).

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop Rarity
Royal Balloon Pop ?


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