DJ Booth
DJ Booth.png
DJ Booth residents (updated).png
Build Time1m
Build Skip1 Gems
Build reward0 XP
Residents DJ Pon-3
Ecstatic Dancer
Hyped-Up Dancer

DJ Booth
DJ Booth-Canterlot.png
DJ Booth (Canterlot) residents.png
Build Time16h
Build Skip24 Gems
Build rewardN/A XP
Residents DJ Pon-3
Athletic Dancer

The DJ Booth is the house in Ponyville and Canterlot where DJ Pon-3 and Athletic Dancer lives.

The Canterlot DJ Booth is similar to Ponyville's, but it's more medieval and has a stone walkway around it.

In Update 3.7, Ecstatic Dancer, and Hyped-Up Dancer also live in Ponyville DJ Booth.

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