Crystal Empire

Crystal Empire Land

Train Station(Crystal Empire)
Crystal Empire's Train Station.

Crystal Empire Map LockedCrystal Empire Map Unlocked
Crystal Empire in the Train Station Map.
Left: locked; right: unlocked.</td></tr>

Cost75 Snowglobe Token
150 Gem
# of Characters43
# of Shops17
Crystal Empire on the MLP:FiM wiki

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The Crystal Empire is one of the locations shown on the world overview map in My Little Pony. The location was made playable in Version 3.1 (Update 21) on September 28, 2016.

Intro King Sombra and the Crystal Empire My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Game MLP FiM Gameloft

Intro King Sombra and the Crystal Empire My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Game MLP FiM Gameloft

The Crystal Empire must first be unlocked by collecting 75 Snowglobes Snowglobe Token. Collection is done by completing a task called "Prepare to travel to the Crystal Empire". The task awards 5 Star points and 75 Bit upon completion. It offers a green chance at receiving a snow globe.

The only characters eligible to complete the task are the Mane Six, Shining Armor, Princess Celestia, Spike, Princess Cadance, and Princess Luna.

Also, any shop has 10% chance to drop a Snowglobe when you collect its products.

Token collection can also be skipped by paying 2 Gem for each missing Snowglobe, a total of up to 150 Gem to skip it entirely and instantly unlock Crystal Empire.

Crystal Ponies


Crystal Ponies are different-looking ponies living in the Crystal Empire. They were also introduced in Update 21.

All Crystal Ponies look translucent and shiny. In addition, all ponies visiting Crystal Empire get similar appearance and retain it in Crystal Mine Game, if it's accessed from Crystal Empire.


Sombra puddles

Sombra's corruption crystals

Crystal Empire has two types of black crystals for obstacles.

Regular black crystals can be of three different sizes and can be removed for bits, similar to obstacles in other locations. Colored black crystals can be removed with a set quantity of Element Shards of matching color.

The local infestations are called Sombra's Corruption in the Crystal Empire Quest, Sombra's Legacy. They are "pools of dark magic" that have seeped into crystals on the cleared land. Each pool has a colored edge corresponding to the Element Shards that are used to remove it. Four shards are required to clear each one.

Ponies living in Crystal Empire

Shops in Crystal Empire



  • Crystal Sheep
    In the mobile version, the player can see Crystal Sheep wandering around.
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