Royal Guard in Magic Wings Game

The Royal Guard in the Magic Wings Game

The Clear The Skies Minigame, also known as the "Magic Wings Game" or the "Flying Game", is a mini-game that becomes playable only once a pony has earned a completed a star. The earth pony and unicorn pony characters will magically receive butterfly wings as in the episode "Sonic Rainboom". Strangely, two pegasi, Scootaloo and A.K. Yearling, also receive butterfly wings, though Scootaloo is said to be unable to fly and A.K. Yearling's cloak covers her wings. The characters can then collect bits and white clouds. The whole game lasts for forty five seconds.

How to Play

Twilight Sparkle in Clear the Skies Game, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Twilight Sparkle in Clear the Skies Game, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. MLP FiM @Gameloft

There are two obstacles: Storm Clouds and the Shadowbolts. Storm Clouds will flash out lightning around them, but they are stationary, and must be dodged by flying above or below them. The game will warn the player when and where a Shadowbolt will appear by having an exclamation point come up. At first, the exclamation point will follow the pony character up and down until it finally picks a spot for the Shadowbolt. Then the Shadowbolt will fly across the screen in the opposite direction of the pony character. Once a pony hits an obstacle, it loses all the clouds it was collecting and is delayed temporarily.

The clouds will fill up a meter, which will cause the character to fly faster in a sonic rainboom of their own. During a Sonic Rainboom, the pony character can vanquish obstacles and collect not only the bits they touch but all the bits surrounding the ones they touched. Shadowbolts do not affect characters in a rainbow boost. Additionally, any white clouds the player might have collected are not counted.

Also, fillies and colts have smaller hitboxes than adult ponies, so they collect fewer coins.

Update 3.7

As of Update 3.7, (Friendship Festival Update) Clear the Skies has been removed from the game. However points originally earned in playing the three mini-games will now be carried over to the next star instead of playing Clear the Skies to collect the star.



  • Only Rainbow Dash has a true "Sonic Rainboom" after collecting five white clouds, as the other ponies do not display the characteristic rainbow effect.
  • Despite the Introduction Page showing a wingless Earth Pony growing normal Pegasus wings, ingame non-Pegasi ponies always wear the same pair of feminine butterfly wings, regardless of gender.
  • Scootaloo receiving butterfly wings for this game isn't strange when you take into account the fact that in the show, she can't fly with her normal wings.
  • A.K. Yearling receives butterfly wings because she covers her wings.
  • Horticultural Pegasus uses both butterfly wings and his pegasus wings during this minigame.
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