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Cherry Fizzy

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Cherry Fizzy is a caring pony who likes taking charge! No matter what, he'll always have your flank in a sticky situation!
Playable Yes
Level 20
Town Canterlot
Arrival Bonus 50 XP
Residence Cherry Fizzy's Pad
Minigame Timer 70m(1h 10m)
Minigame Skip 2 Gems
Event Prize
125,000 Bits
330 Gems
More Info
Update Added ?
Milestone Helper
Boss Helper
Community Helper
Pro Character
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
Pins Wheels Twines Lucky Coin Lucky Coin
Cherry Fizzy on the MLP:FiM wiki

Cherry Fizzy lives in Canterlot. He was added as a time-limited character along with Banana Bliss on April 30, 2014, and was available until May 8.

When Cherry Fizzy was first added, he cost 125,000 Bits, but his price was changed to 50 Gems the same day.

He can still be purchased for the bit price if Wifi is turned off.



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